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Added: 23.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: kilpikon3
Country: Finland

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Aight, this is my desk, all cleaned up. Nothing more to say but watch out for the cat :)

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Rating: 3.27 - Votes: 37

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4. Unique or not, I like to see the mod. "Seen that" etc. posts will be deleted.
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  This is office & desk section. NO MODS NEEDED!
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*anonymous*01.10.2006 22:21
I gave it 5 because of the cat

watt124.12.2005 03:17
nice cat ;)

AdamW10.04.2005 03:41
its called "Category: - Office and Desk shots." not MODS. Nice desk and even nicer ginge man. I got a ginger, names Jimmy.

Takuya05.11.2004 14:22
Is the cat part of the mod....???

Bugi01.10.2004 13:28
and the mod is?

daft21.08.2004 19:51
The cat blocks the way!

Wolf21.06.2004 07:32
I'll vote a 5/5 just because the kat is there. Kats are awesome.

loki_ac200331.05.2004 02:22
the kitty gets 5/5. the desk 3/5. averedge that up and u get 4/5.

-L24.05.2004 21:07
i luv the cat (:
desk is nice too

kilpikon324.05.2004 20:35
..aight, don't make fun of my kitt :> make fun of my keyboard and so on :>

Nado24.05.2004 19:07
i didn't say anything like "looks like crap", i just said "nice p*ssy", there is no possibility of not getting the point =)

Japala .:admin24.05.2004 17:55
Most comments are usually like "looks like crap" etc. so I don't see the point on commenting with that tone. Suggestions to make the setup better would give some meaning for the post. "looks like crap" is a comment in a way but don't think that it encourages anyone to improve their modding or setup. It is quite hard to notice when someone is making a joke if you don't know the person or if the poster doesn't use any happy or sad faces etc. so perhaps you just need to alter the way you make the joke in the first place. :)

Nado24.05.2004 16:51
lol, japala, it was a joke. maybe it had no sense but where's the sense in commenting desktops? comments like "oh, that's a clean setup" or "you should clean up that desk" are useless, too. anyways, i see people don't understand my humor...

Japala .:admin24.05.2004 08:07
Nado; I just try to be fair what I delete and because I can't remember what you posted, I'm pretty sure it was not worth leaving. There are so many posters swearing, using body part names or all caps so believe me when I say I can't spend that much time judgind the posts whether to leave or remove them. I'm sorry if you felt that the post was ok but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. :)

Submission: Try to remember the idea behind the desk shots. No mods required.

Submission24.05.2004 02:06
WOW!!! I never SEEN such a create MOD!!! What did you do? Fix your cat all by yourself?? AKA DIY!

hahahahha, dude this isnt worth voting for.

Nado23.05.2004 22:48
-.- japala, censoring my last post was pretty exaggerated, don't u think so? ;)

kilpikon323.05.2004 20:23
Ratman: There are more pics.
Moe: sori ku kissa hyppi kuvas. tuoli on yllättävän hyvä.

Ratman23.05.2004 19:37
I dont like cats, but thats not why its here for, but its not a very special desk anyway. What about painting the keyboard? looks kinda old!!! i would liek to see more pics from the pc because it kinda looks ok ;)

moe23.05.2004 18:04
No niin nyt tulee kissa-kuvassa villitys.
Ei tarpeeks sotkunen.
Surkee tuoli.