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Added: 23.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Dredge
Country: Finland

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Here's mine. Pult, Molly and Chiri are Debian Linux machines and Elle is WinXP. Pult I use for irc, elle for playing and movies, chiri for browsing, irc, webserver and music. Molly is usually in my bed but I included it in this family shot ^^

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 39

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Jipa22.04.2006 22:45
Nice wallpaper you got.

jon05.04.2006 14:38
`nimetkin jokaiselle :)))))))

SWeed04.01.2006 18:53
no on siinä konetta :P

Mike02.12.2004 07:18
Aah, only if I can stick 4 monitors on my desk at once...

AdamW21.11.2004 10:45
whats on TV?

Kirby12.09.2004 11:16
i would use all 4 for one thing GAMMING 1 for infront of me 2 for the left and right of me and one for behind me i would be unstopplable in a fps game

*anonymous*07.08.2004 22:01

Dredge04.07.2004 18:24
Joo on mulla nainenkin ;)

civo02.07.2004 22:55
:D uutiset :D
lisää koneita vaan :D vaikka itellä ei oo nyt enää q kolme.... tai oikeestaan 4 ja 2 pda:ta... mut ei oo ees xp2700 nimeee... mikähä olis..... -------- kotelo on aika korkee... compucase 69srs ... ja mun yhessä "hyvässä" servussa on big foot hajalla niin siinä vois olla suuntaa nimelle..... pitää miettiä.... mutta se servuan voi olla lousku.. aika omaperäistä,,,,

gundream13.06.2004 09:46
way to go quentis you can critique everyone on their computer but you forgot one thing computers do need a name
nice setup but if that is all you do with each computer i dont see the use in so many

*anonymous*02.06.2004 22:35
Vaikka mulla on nainen niin kyllä silti kaikki mun koneet on nimetty naisten nimillä.

TeeSCee02.06.2004 21:03
sulla on vakava ongelma...siinä vaiheessa kun nörtteily on niin pitkällä että koneillas on naisten nimet... on korkea aika hakeutua hoitoon... tarviit naisen...ainakin

Dredge30.05.2004 23:50
Yes, pult is in a Reebok shoebox.

splinter_cell30.05.2004 06:19
is pult located inside a cardboard box?
this is the only one ive seen that is more crowded than mine

N528.05.2004 05:45
just for the fact you named your machines you get a 5. that and the fact you cram all those boxen in there.

2fast4you27.05.2004 13:21
I think you have a big "power" bill??

Dredge27.05.2004 01:45
Machines need to have a hostname ;)

Quentis- Qball Mode26.05.2004 03:24
Good job naming your inanimate objects moron. ;)

Buzku24.05.2004 18:05

Professional stuff!

z3tr3x24.05.2004 16:08
very many computers. I wish i had so many too. nice names too.

Olli24.05.2004 11:14
Nice NAMES ;-)

dj eye con24.05.2004 09:14
woah man... thats alot of computers... 4/5

Ratman24.05.2004 09:08
These are great desks. A lott of monitors and pc´s, also the mods u have done before are funny and professional. 4/5