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Added: 24.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: Barbarian
Country: Finland

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My wireless desktop (wireless under the desk also :) ) project.

I used cheap accessory. All cable-supplies cost about 5. Microsoft optical wireless desktop elite cost 85.

I should buy bluetooth camera to get rid off camera-cord next :)

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Rating: 2.4 - Votes: 20

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HandsomeDan12.04.2006 02:39
Good work making a clean desk area, I think I should do my desk, it would look so much nicer. Just one of those things that I've never gotten around too..... Perhaps a good weekend project. Nice clean job though, 5/5 very proffessional.

sean025.05.2004 11:54
thats good to know :- P

*anonymous*25.05.2004 10:35
are you blind or something?
"Japala .:admin 24.05.2004 14:23
Desk shots don't need mods"

I am about 185cm long and i fit into my room fine :)

sean025.05.2004 10:29
he must be a midget

ErRoR_By_pRoXy25.05.2004 03:54
Where's the mod??? U have just started cleaning up your wires. for wires u just need some tiewraps. Wireless sucks

Ratman24.05.2004 22:21
Still no front panel like i already told u. but okey thats not why i make this commment this time. It looks incredibably clean, i will never ever have the same!! LoL, i got to many cables and im to lazy to do some work. nice job.
Ps _ u never hit with your head on the roof?? it looks very low.

Japala .:admin24.05.2004 14:23
Desk shots don't need mods. If you have modded your desk or the area, we want to see the results but we don't require mods in this part of the gallery.

barbarian24.05.2004 14:16
No it is not a mod, but i dont see too many mods in this section.

supercrox24.05.2004 14:03
nice cleanup.. but is it a mod?