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Added: 27.05.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: hissu
Country: Finland

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Self made 2 channel fan controller. Ugly as hell but works great.

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 17

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_Samik_17.02.2005 15:24
olen miettinyt kuinka tuollainen tehdään...voitko kertoa sähköpostiini ( miten tuollainsen saa tehtyä??

Fast12810.06.2004 00:59
Not so ugly :] but the point is that it works ;) can u tell what parts did u use? From me 5/5 for invention (not buying ready-to-plug one from shop)

BEan01.06.2004 20:46
5/5 on the Macgiver scale.

mattthemodder29.05.2004 18:23
5/5, nice to see people making there own stuff rather than just buying it ;)

Quentis-Qball Mode29.05.2004 00:27
Thats really ghetto and for some reason, I actually like how it looks. Very industrial like, the screw part is also a welcome change from the normal connections. 2/5

hissu28.05.2004 17:03
You connect the fans to the screws on top of the card. (second pic)

Speed of the fans can be adjusted from those trimmers.

Nado28.05.2004 15:10
how does it work? do you cool the resistors or what?