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Added: 28.05.2004
Single case mods
Owner: mattthemodder
Country: United Kingdom

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I put two ultra bright LED's (red), behind the motherboard...(Held with duct tape ;))

One is power, one is harddrive activity. They look good in the dark :D

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Rating: 3.2 - Votes: 45

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Lock018.11.2005 09:05
"look good in dark" good then you decided to take the picture lighten 1/5

Adobe17.11.2005 07:36
i have to agree with Nado... you need more leds for it to look better

Mike15.01.2005 06:38
Is it just me, or is your motherboard mounted crooked ? Would be better if you mounted it nicer. (I'm mainly saying this because the metal on the bottom for your case looks level and your motherboard looks curved. Fix it !! 1/5 for the motherboard.

Ted30.06.2004 01:10
i like the part where you cant tell what he did because it is so miniscule.

*anonymous*02.06.2004 05:56
nice idea :)

loki_ac200331.05.2004 02:04
wow, u do have some skill kid.

dj eye con30.05.2004 14:51
uhh... no

splinter_cell30.05.2004 06:13
whats the point, you're probably not going to see it anywas=y

Quentis- Qball Mode29.05.2004 00:31
...looks dumb, maybe if it looks good in the dark, you should take a picture of it- in the dark. Horrible. 1/5

Nado29.05.2004 00:13
hehe, got a nearly same idea... but it's to uneven, could be done better with more LEDs

el browno28.05.2004 23:54
u gotta give props to the guy who got u those Light Emitting Diodes :)