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Added: 29.05.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: ii
Country: Finland

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Here is my summer office. I love my huge balcony.

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 50

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Touppine05.06.2006 14:15
Ihan helmi on kyl! Mut ainut vaan että pelikäytös vähän p*ska jos aurinko tulee suoraan simmuun :/

jon05.04.2006 14:37
ulkona tietokone heeehe siinä on jytyä
entäs pääseekö sade sinne `parvekkeeelle```?

Ile29.11.2005 22:41
I second that: Not in Finland.
And besides that seems like a summer cottage..
I've never heard of something gotten stolen from a summer cottage.

AdamW10.04.2005 03:43

Trauma14.12.2004 00:47
Allen, not in finland...

Allen02.12.2004 07:17
Boy you take a good change of getting your computer stolen.
In my opinion, you are crazy.

Takuya05.11.2004 14:20
Loistavaa sovellusta....
Nyt ei voi kukaan tulla sanoo et nörttäät liikaa neljän seinän sisällä xD

Jipa09.08.2004 20:01
mullekki tommone :D vien kerrostalon parvekkeelle nii menee 15sek että joku vie kajarit :P

N531.05.2004 06:34
ok, now you're just showing off :D seriously that looks like the most serene place to do some work or frag. 4

ii30.05.2004 19:30
Before big storm come i get too cold and ask my friend to help me move the whole table inside. Not even need to turn off the system.

But most of the time when it is nice weather this is good place to .. compute. :D First i tought i move sofa there but i noticed that chair is good even tough it looks horrible.

Darth Bender30.05.2004 19:07
well, u never know when a really big storm could suddenly start... ;) and I love your mouse btw, I used to have one of those myself =)

dj eye con30.05.2004 15:02
come to think of it, 4/5

dj eye con30.05.2004 15:01
woah! love the scene... looks nice, though ur table looks small and ur chair dont look too exciting... 3/5 but man, that balcony is dope.

3.1430.05.2004 12:54
Only 1 thing to say WOOT !!!!!!


splinter_cell30.05.2004 06:16
looks like the inside of a treehouse :)

ii29.05.2004 20:37
Well.. She told me i can't stay in the whole summer. :D

drinn29.05.2004 20:31
hahah :D wnb liferi

Nado29.05.2004 20:16

ii29.05.2004 19:45
Must be big storm. Last summer here was not enough windy rain to make that part of the balcony wet.

Darth Bender29.05.2004 19:42
YaY! Perfect environment for a sudden storm =D