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Added: 29.05.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Chilblain
Country: Finland

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Elikkš kotelon valaisusta huolehtii 3 kirkasta lediš nimeltššn sininen,punainen ja vihreš.Omasta mielestšni sain hyvin sotkettua všrit.


Lighted up the case with red,green and blue superbright led`s.Led`s are mounted so that the colours will mixed up together.

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Rating: 2.36 - Votes: 14

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N531.05.2004 06:32
it's probably pretty hard to catch on camera, and looks better in person. i'd remove the green and play off the red/blue combination. as the new qball said, it's just really great that you are using led's and not ccfl. 3

dj eye con30.05.2004 14:48
not bright enough, and as quentis said, 3 colours is too many.. 1/5

make them brighter!

Chilblain30.05.2004 11:45
Laiska ku oon.Olisit nähnyt johtoviidakon ennenkuin tein ton sokeripala "pääkeskuksen",josta kaikki modit saa 5 ja 12V:ttia.Oikeestaan se johto viidakko on olemassa vielä mutta piilossa kuitenkin.

Here you see my truly wire mess that i hided.

Nado30.05.2004 11:17
cuz he's the new qball!

estsg30.05.2004 11:03
mikset noita johtoja selvitä?
Näyttää aika pahalta :(

pneumatic30.05.2004 10:07
quentis judges with heavy hand :)

Quentis-Qball Mode30.05.2004 06:31
Hate tri-colors, bi-colors are tough enough to make look good, 3 is just impossible. But as always, I support LED lighting, because ccfls are lame and n00btacular. So good luck in the future, take any advice you recieve in this post. 1/5

splinter_cell30.05.2004 06:14
looks like the inside of my dad's dell. chooose one color, three looks too tacky

Nado30.05.2004 01:27
not bad, but you need to clean up those wires, so that the green LEDs will light up the case, not the molex connectors ;)