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Added: 02.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: enyone
Country: Finland

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Here is a simple case-cooler-mode. Two AVC's cooler with rubberborder. SUPER-QUIET!

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Rating: 3.12 - Votes: 24

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Wolf_modius01.01.2007 17:01
wow this looks nice =D 5/5

dj eye con04.06.2004 08:06
looks nice... 3/5

Unreal^^03.06.2004 17:49
very nice man i give 5 for that that rubber is nice looking coz its cutted that :)

Mixu^03.06.2004 14:18
ååå... aika möyhee

3.1403.06.2004 12:50
what kind of case is it? how many 3.5 are there?

enyone03.06.2004 12:45
This mod is 100% own-made! No stock-parts (only AVC fans is buyed)

loki_ac200303.06.2004 10:23
nice clean and simple. 4/5. looks like u still have lots of room in there . put some more fans.(i'm a big fan of fans of allsizes bgut don't let that influence you ;))

Ratman03.06.2004 09:07
Quentis i was talking about my pc =P

Quentis- Qball Mode03.06.2004 06:05
Ratman...who said its completely modded? It looks pretty stock to me. Well, back to your fans. They look great from upclose and afar. Silence and cooling is the goal, and it looks like you did a pretty good job. Running on 5volts? Looks kind of wierd, with the cuts all around. Im not sure how I feel about that. But either way, well done. 3/5

Ratman02.06.2004 23:11
Yep not a perfect mod, but like u say very quiet.. i need that also, i can hear my pc when im on the otherside of my house LoL. Such big cases are great to mod.. i really need a new one. this is completely modded. I would like to see some pics from the inside.

Torax02.06.2004 23:11
Really nice and clean
4 points for that ;)

clean02.06.2004 23:05
clean job.