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Added: 03.06.2004
Full Case
Owner: iller
Country: Lithuania

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"EMO" project by iller
•Luxus ATX Full Tower.
•Blue CCFL(sound active).
•Oval "Tiger"side window kit.
•Rounded HDD and Floppy IDE cables(DIYS).
•Changed Power LED to extra blue.
•Two blue Titan Crystal LED Case fan and one 92X25 fan.
•Rounded PSU cables(DIYS).
•Lighted molex.
•Fan Busas off/12v with single leds.
•PSU window with blue Titan Crystal Led Case fan.
•Silent PC modd (noise control)
•Flaming Fan modd (red leds connected to HDD activity led)

enjoy ;)

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 50

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skoper27.02.2005 20:15
yoooo,iller go!

iller06.08.2004 12:26
Tnx ][eXe

][eXe27.06.2004 21:30

iller12.06.2004 15:38
it's not painjob,it's material.

Joris11.06.2004 14:55
Dude, do something about that paint job.
Rest of the case looks oké to me.

nighthawk4575011.06.2004 09:23
I'm all for modding, but it looks like someone threw up all over it. 1/5

Samson40709.06.2004 03:29
Nice job lithuania. I'm half lithuanian myself.4/5

iller06.06.2004 10:25
Why do you think so?Explane...

Qballcious06.06.2004 04:21

ukuk04.06.2004 23:26

dj eye con04.06.2004 08:01
i dont like the case, or the windows... 1/5

Quentis- Qball Mode03.06.2004 23:23
Is that like poorly made paper mache? It looks like some nasty 80s American wallpaper. I dont see the molex lights, nor do I care about the specs of your cathodes and the amount of fans you have. Dont see your fanbus either. If you were going to list the mods, you should include them in your pictures. Cannot sincerely say I "enjoy"ed this case. Sorry, I know you put a lot of work into it. 2/5

Ratman03.06.2004 19:46
Very nice, windows are great.

iller03.06.2004 16:47
bad pics :(

Unreal^^03.06.2004 16:33
nice case but in night picture case looks wooden case but no... i say that is ugly case windows are very good but surfance s ugly