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Added: 03.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Jortsu-
Country: Finland

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Eli tarkotus oli saada kovalevyjen äänten johtuminen koteloon pois ja viilentää siinä samalla pikkasen.
Varastosta sattu sitten löytyyn tollasta jotain kumista tarranarua ja ihan hyvin se sillä mielestäni onnistu.

Admin's comments/notes:
Hard drives situated on top of rubber bands to keep them silent.

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Rating: 3.32 - Votes: 22

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Relic29.04.2006 05:08
Clever, but I mean, is that really effecient?

Joq07.02.2006 16:22
Lojuuko ne vaan tos päällä, vai onko kiinnikin? Olisi kyllä nätimminkin voinu asian hoitaa :-

Jortsu-04.06.2004 22:44

Jortsu-04.06.2004 22:22
I added 80mm fan @ 5V front off those

Jortsu-04.06.2004 21:24
I thought too that tire innertube at first, but then i found this.

Diabolos04.06.2004 20:23
I like it. I've done something similar myself. My hd is dangling between two rubber bands which I "custom made" from bicycle tire inner tube. :D It works great. No more resonance and vibrating - just the quiet ticking of the seeker head or whatever it's called. Everyone, go do this mod!

dj eye con04.06.2004 08:10
dont really like the antec cases.. though what you've done could be useful and effective 3/5

Quentis- Qball Mode03.06.2004 23:29
Yes, I hope you leave the drive covers on as well. A way to fasten them would be to actually put them in between the rubber bands. This way its sandwiched by the bands and kept in place. I like this and it seems very effective. 3/5, it could look better.

splinter_cell03.06.2004 22:54
i hope you leave the drive bay covers in. oh and paint/stealth your dvdrom lol

Jortsu-03.06.2004 22:15
Or if you move your case a lot you can screw few screws through the rope to harddisk

Jortsu-03.06.2004 22:01
Im glad that I dont have to move that. But yes those are pretty well sticked on that rope.

Kongo03.06.2004 21:55
Are you sure they are gonna stay there if you move the case?

Nado03.06.2004 21:07
woah shit, that seems dangerous to me...

Ratman03.06.2004 19:48
Nive mod, and very quiet. but i hate those cases.....

Darth Bender03.06.2004 19:13
seems good, but I wouldn't keep them that way when moving the comp