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Added: 07.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: xaserII
Country: USA

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This is my friends new stacker. I installed two windows. Will be using water cooling so fans are not needed in the door or top of case. The windows look cool i think. What do you think Qball???

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 61

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mikeyb10.08.2004 12:10
please.. go and take a look my old pics.
no plex anymore.. ever! =)

Qballcious26.06.2004 22:52
Wow. I din't think a single person would miss me. :-)

Although Quentis is holding the n00bs at bay armed only with his razor-sharp wit I think I'll start to drop in a little more often. Some people like the tough love. Freaks!! :-))) JK

Ok X, I like the case a lot. Good choice on the exterior. Not overdone yet. I agree with the rest of the folks and think the round window should be rectangular on this particular case. But that is really a matter of personal taste. If you make the window too large the case will lose regidity. Water cooling is gonna be The Shit. Can't wait to see the finished product. I like the rubber. It's impossible to get a clean look without the rubber unless you have a hydrolic press.

xaserII15.06.2004 00:51
you guys are going to crap when you see what im doing to this case. sparing no expense. the water cooling is going to be so cool lol im all excited like a little school boy and its not even mine... whatever

xaserII11.06.2004 02:30
The black rubber actually holds the window in place. it was tough to get the window just right to fit. the rubber strips take up about 2cm so i had to trim alittle to make it work. the rubber does look big but the case is huge so it works. were gonna paint the inside red i think... any other ideas???

gear face11.06.2004 02:01
i like it. i would have used some smaller c strip moulding. does that black rubber accually hold the window in place, or is the plexi glass fastened to the case, and the black just makes it look nice?

Unreal10.06.2004 15:40
watercooling into that? i want see it finished try do water tank of pleksi and mount it to side so u can see water flowing... and few leds = ^^

Cubic-10.06.2004 15:12
Nice case!!! Good work buddy!!! I give four points!!!

xaserII10.06.2004 03:04
hey unreal i actually thought about doing just that. but with water cooling only it would just make a bunch of un necessary noise. plus the ps is going to have a window and stuff so i want to be able to see it.

xaserII10.06.2004 03:01
bummer... i liked qballs comments. he was really hard on me and my stuff. I based all mods on whether or not he would like gonna miss em. You a big gamer?

Quentis-Qball Mode10.06.2004 00:58
Were not the same person, but Qball wandered off somewhere about 2 months ago. Without him, we didnt really have the tough love type of criticism. I decided that he was gone long enough and decided to adopt "Qball Mode". I give lower points and I think Im meaner now too. ;)

Unreal09.06.2004 18:33
it would be nice if u put power upside down like it suck from up... and do hole to plexi

Unreal09.06.2004 15:42
chill out ppl i just said i don't like rubber edges it doesn't fit to case and window is nice so can we get "finished" picture when it has light and all stuff in side

xaserII09.06.2004 14:44
lol i didnt know you were the same person quentis qball. About the round window... The case itself is huge, and there is 11 drive bays. if i were to make the window square like the top you would be able to see them and i really dont like seeing the drive bays. In this case there is space for two power supplies on the top and bottom. the mother board sits in the middle of them. i know what your feelings are about the round window but i swear it will look killer when finished. im not discouraged peoples opinions just the un- intelligent ones. its not like i went the easy way out. the windows were quite difficult to install. mod took two days total. thanks for the comments guys...

Japala .:admin09.06.2004 07:32
Hey guys, try to keep things cool. I happen to like the quality of the cuts in this window and that rubber edgind looks good because the case have some black details already. Like the points on Mod-O-Matic shows, people generally like this mod so I hope that xaserII doesn't get discouraged by the comments. Size, shape and placement of windowses in cases differ from one another but that shouldn't mean that there is only one "correct" way of doing it. Don't think that there are any mod that gets only positive comments. There are always someone who doesn't like it for some reason.

Quentis- Qball Mode09.06.2004 05:38
Im kind of both Qball and me now, I think we generally have the same opinion, though hes more constructive and blunt. I like the top window, it looks pretty clean. However, Im not sure how I feel about the round window. Its shape is boring and since its a big case, it really could use a bigger window. I could understand you being conservative though, its your friends case. If it was mine Id take it a little further. But I could also see how you want to make it look professional. Looks ok so far, but Im only gonna drop a 2/5 until I see it get better.

xaserII09.06.2004 03:12
and another thing... Im only interested in a couple peoples comments on metku and your not one of them. I like to hear from Qball and Quentis and Ratman. They have been checking out my stuff for months now and they give productive comments not oh that sucks or thats to easy. You unreal are not helping and are such a minority that i shouldnt even listen to you or your stupid opinions. lol there im done. thanks for nothing unreal...

xaserII09.06.2004 03:05
also... whats your deal unreal? why you have to bag on me... ok ok what should i do with the case. you have all the answers and your the mod master. what should i do. next time ill check with you first before i start something. oh im gonna paint it this weekend... what should i paint it. your nothing but a little baby without its mommy. I feel sorry for you dude... I like the windows and the case alot. the owner of the case loves it. I spent alot of time getting the windows just right. you are so weird to have that kind of reaction to my work. whats the deal with you? im interested.

xaserII09.06.2004 02:54
you guys... geez ill show you my cuts in another post. they are sooooo clean!!! oh ya i cut out the glass myself... its not a pre cut shape kit. are you guys jealous or what... its a proper job

Unreal09.06.2004 00:43
Xaser: "you dont like rubber? hmmm... i think it makes a good professional finish." nee it don't its beginner style and lazy ppl wich don't finish cutting edges...

RadeX08.06.2004 23:53
quote xaserII "Plus it was so much easier to cut a round hole..."
that's not the point of modding :?

xaserII08.06.2004 17:16
you dont like rubber? hmmm... i think it makes a good professional finish. what are my other choices? hey dj the case is so big that the window looks small but really the whole mother board is going to be visible. Plus it was so much easier to cut a round hole...

dj eye con08.06.2004 12:01
well i dont like the rubber finish, but i dont think its amateur... anyway, i hate round windows, and the one there is awefully small, sorry... but the rest looks ok... 2/5

splinter_cell08.06.2004 03:04
plz people no need to shout. i think this mod was well executed and the rubber moulding gives the window a nice finished look. oh and uh moe this isn't tazmanxx's mod ;-)

RadeX08.06.2004 00:19
there she is :]]]]]]]]]]]] MY BEAUTY :]]]] Stacker rulz ;]
but i don't like the round window :? it doesn't pass to other windows, plizzz change it

moe07.06.2004 22:53
tazmanxx oh c'mon.
dont be such a child
would've gave u 3/5 but your behavior made it 2/5

tazmanxx07.06.2004 21:59
Hey unreal whats the matter you have to say that cause you cannot do it or you cannot have something like that?get a life man!!!

Unreal07.06.2004 20:58
rubber is for amateurs just do it better i give 1p

Phewnix07.06.2004 20:02
Nice work buddy

Ratman07.06.2004 19:15
Both of the windows look great. im waiting to see it with everything inside!!! its kinda empty!