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Added: 10.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Pythian
Country: Australia

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I know this is a mod that is well over-done :).. but i was just so sick of my icky pre-fab case that i got with my new puter, it seems quite hard to pick a nice case with decent hdd space without a pre-fab-window. Anyway, standard CD Stealth mod, used the tab front a DVD case for pressing the button :), a few ideas still brewing for my new case..

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 41

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Pythian14.06.2004 15:25
@ yazzxx, i'm in australia, i don't think we get that show unless ya have a biggg as sat dish :)

yazzxx12.06.2004 22:48
I see you saw that show on the screen savers last week when Yosi did the 5 fast modding tips in under 5 minutes

splinter_cell11.06.2004 23:16
interesting you cut off the ridges. in my stealth (right above this one on the list) i left the ridges in, that double sided foam tape is sticky enough that it holds.

Pythian11.06.2004 10:26
haha, honestly i didn't think it would get posted :) coz its pretty simple and anyone can do it and should be done imo,the ridges in the face plate i cut out using a mill, could also be done with a dremel and a steady hand i guess.
sorry sean0, its not a lianli :).. it think its a XTXREME X28K, got it at trade discount, but its $128AUD

sean011.06.2004 09:01
alll i want to know is that lian li ??? hah niice tho'
----big chunky FIVEr-----

splinter_cell11.06.2004 07:03
@the anonymous poster

that point has already been established. i think all drives should be stealthed wheter they are visible or not.

*anonymous*11.06.2004 05:51
LOL, what's the point in doing this useless stuff if your case has "door" which covers all bays???

splinter_cell11.06.2004 03:25
i noticed that the faceplate you used has ridges in the back. mine also have these. my question is did you leave them there and work around them or did you somehow cut them down?

*anonymous*10.06.2004 21:54
I want to see all mods. Also the simple ones. Stealthing is simple and effective. This one is done well.

Quentis- Qballin10.06.2004 19:34
@111-When you push the plate, the button is still under it. So when you push, you just have to apply pressure in the same general area. Then the drive will eject as usual. Stealthing is a simple standard mod, dont see why you posted it. Its simple and is pretty much required on everything. 1/5

11110.06.2004 19:11
how u get the cd rom open? from my computer and then right click and eject on cdrom icon? or what... sry for nuub question.

Buzku10.06.2004 18:33

Umm... Your case has a cover for all 5.25 and 3.5-slots but u still make stealth drive? Makes no sense exept if u want ur pc to be perfect. So, 2/5.

Toften10.06.2004 16:55
looks awsome :D 4/5