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Added: 12.06.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: drinn
Country: Finland

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My desktop flavoured by a little bit of humour..

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Rating: 3 - Votes: 22

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MadDog06.02.2008 01:08
That chair is actually good to sit on. BTW, it's "badminton racket". Hockey stick, golf club, tennis/badminton racket.

BoogeyMan11.03.2005 08:38
um, you know you're supposed to do that in the toilet, not on the bed :D 5/5

Sciatic03.08.2004 21:44
Kaiuttimien asettelu vähän perseellään...

drinn14.06.2004 21:55
chilblain, Kyl kyl :D Menny pari kertaa rikkiki.. :)

chilblain14.06.2004 17:40
Haha löytyy kanssa bilteman luxus datachair

N514.06.2004 07:13
like the speakers and the pillow (i need one :D) good discriptions 4

splinter_cell14.06.2004 02:48

Quentis14.06.2004 01:26
Haha, agreed.

Olli13.06.2004 23:23
5/5 becouse of comments :-D