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Added: 14.06.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: shizz_puppet
Country: USA

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I installed some cold cathodes under the dash in my car. I hooked an AC adaptor up to my battery then plugged in a power supply and hooked up some cold cathods. The power supply makes it easy to add all of the cool things they make for computers up to my car with littke work. I think I'm gonna put some under my car too. It looks pretty sweet even though my camera isn't that good. The total cost was about $6.00. There are more shots of my whole car over at

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 26

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slickness25.02.2007 05:28
Automatic EWWWWW~~!!!

not bad though, but you should have wired it to the door 12v power source.

Anthony19.02.2005 09:00
Installed this in my car about 2 yrs ago, neon blue to match the gauges and the headunit, but i got a switch installed in my ashtray so its james bond style, flip open the astray and flip the stwitch and instant lights all around...also got the limo tint so the cops dont see lol...its all illegal anything that obstucts your view or creates a glare is illegal.

ShutDown16.09.2004 22:24
i love neon and cars omg =))

dj gmc09.07.2004 16:08
i got in my car the same thing i don't know eiter if this is legal or not.
I came up whit the idee to put an simple switch in it.
sorry for the bad english...

Huru16.06.2004 20:50
i thought only the lights at outside the car are illegal.

Xaeon16.06.2004 10:42
Don't put regular cold cathodes under your car. The ones that are professionally installed used a special flexible hose type thing filled with gas. Regular glass cathodes will smash before you can get to the corner from rocks, etc.

Quentis- Qballin16.06.2004 07:56
Lots of people just see it as a joke section and the stuff doesnt get taken seriously. I wouldve labeled it "Other Hardware and Devices". Just my take on it

*anonymous*15.06.2004 20:02
"Non-computer related, jokes etc."
it is in this section cause it is non-computer related ;)

Quentis- Qballin15.06.2004 19:41
Dont see why its in the joke mods section, seems serious enough to me. Good job and as good as you couldve done it I guess. 3/5

sean014.06.2004 23:42
as long as its in the jokes section....

Ratman14.06.2004 15:11
Well it is an mod gallery, doesnt matter to what! This is the place to be. Really nice job.

splinter_cell14.06.2004 14:46
hoverlights or runninglights are illegal to use in the united states. you may have them installed but make sure they are off when cops are coming. the look good tho. oar they red or orange?

Nado14.06.2004 14:43
not new, but nice. needs to be cleaned up though. 2/5 because of lack of originality

DaveG14.06.2004 14:26
i havent seen anything like this before, nice idea 5/5