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Added: 14.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: masi poeka
Country: Finland

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joo elikk aika perus moodit tossa kotelossa ikkuna, blowhole ja vhn vrjtty. toi teksti tossa sivussa on sitte aika lpp koska pikkuveli saa ton kotelon :D

amd tb 1000MHz
geforce 2 mx 400 32mb
ram 384mb sdram pc 133
20 + 80 gt hd

very basic moods a side window, blowhole and painted. the text on the side is a joke because my brother gets the case :D

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 51

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kuolavompatti26.10.2005 23:16

doctorforsh00831.10.2004 14:31
looks nice,,blue at the bottom and red bit at the top,,looks cool

cow18.06.2004 14:39
/ | ||
* ||----||
^^ ^^
Cow your chase is fine i lik the window it looks good in that case. maybe a little cable mess over there but it's not much to fix. i like the color. 4/5 coz the good color choice

Gear Face16.06.2004 21:21
The big windows indeed does look good.
Its really the only thing that makes this run of the mill mod look really good.

me like

*anonymous*16.06.2004 10:53
True. That window look nice. Not many Big window is nice but this one looks good.

Ill try to translate the text:
olen = i am (Finnish language)
p33l0 = peelo = dick (Gipsy language)

aaseli15.06.2004 15:23
miten hieno ja "omaperäinen" kone sulla on (keep up the good work)

masi poeka14.06.2004 23:43
there are 2 amd athlon stickers ;)

seano14.06.2004 23:40
the big window actually looksa good in this case................what does the sticker say ???

omistaja14.06.2004 20:39
joo on toi omallatavalla hieno mut ei mun pöydän alle :) 3/5

ps. säälin sun velejäs

KlaZaA14.06.2004 20:15
Ei kyl oo paljoo erikoista ei :) Mut ihan jees, ja siisti 3/5

Kverna14.06.2004 17:47
Red fan is sticking out to much I think... trade it in a blue one :)
3/5 from me

Darth Bender14.06.2004 17:30
tässä taas mun perusvalitus: hyi h**vetti ku iso ikkuna ;P

Ratman14.06.2004 17:28
Simple but nice and clean. just those wires. not bad at all

jZ14.06.2004 17:27
Perusmodi tosiaan. Míten päädyit tommoiseen kotelon väriin?Pikkuveli voi olla iloinen :) 3/5