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Added: 17.06.2004
Single case mods
Owner: splinter_cell
Country: USA

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my custom window job, the acrylic isnt attached yet because i still have to paint it but here is the window, njoy.

btw the purple light is from my uv cathode

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Rating: 3.36 - Votes: 33

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splinter_cell17.11.2004 02:41
its not necessary to write in all caps. the colors dont actually look like that. at this stage of the mod i had 3 green led fans and one uv cathode. the purple you see is the uv cathode, as i stated above. there are also red lights on my motherboard. the colors dont really look like that in real life. it lights up mostly green, which is the color my mobo glows in uv light.

*anonymous*16.11.2004 22:23

apollo30.06.2004 08:59
I like bigger widows, nice job anyway :D

Diablo20.06.2004 04:30

is there a party in your case?

N518.06.2004 05:59
wow, that is colorful. looks like difraction grating was used. trippy. 4

splinter_cell18.06.2004 00:33
i know i need to work on the top cut. this was my first time using a jigsaw and i had to get a system down. anyway ill file down the unstraight line so it is straight, however i like the size of it, that ugly crossbar isnt visible, as far as the drive bays being visible thats ok, i have a plan for that.

xaserII18.06.2004 00:18
very original.... however.... your cuts could be alittle cleaner my friend. I appreciated your comments on my mod but i have to tell the truth. i see at least one un straight line. also i dont like the drive bays being visible. how is the plexi mounted. you should consider cutting each shape and drill holes and mount with screws. it would create a cool contrast and make it look more professional. remember its a computer. make it look like one. 4/5 for creativity.

Quentis- Qballin18.06.2004 00:17
Should try to make it much bigger, you could work something out with it. The cuts really need to be cleaned up, the top one is really noticable. Colors look real bright, a bigger window would showcase it more. Really not liking the whole thing right now, nothing mathces with the inside. Position isnt so hot either. 1/5

Buzku18.06.2004 00:01

Why did u put it in here? It is allready in Bit tech. (I mean: Why did u put it in here because it is not ready?)

Nado17.06.2004 17:18
but don't exaggerate with the colors. they look nice how they are. maybe cut another hole around that thing to show more of the insides? it's cool but pretty small...

splinter_cell17.06.2004 16:26
the purle light is from the uv cathorde. it actually glows really green. when i get my next few paychecks im gonna buy the last 5 green led fans 8-0 and 2 green cathodes. this is only one part of the project so thanks for the input.

Darth Bender17.06.2004 15:56
so you got the metal cut now, that's fine :) and the window is original design as well, that's good as well... but it's so small you can hardly see the insides and I personally don't like the shape so I'll give you 4/5

NEO17.06.2004 15:08

Daveg_uk17.06.2004 14:54
Looks Good, maybe outline the actual window in some bold bright colours? 5/5 originality

Jaakko-Ilkka17.06.2004 14:23

*anonymous*17.06.2004 13:34
Paint the inside of the case with UV-reactive green or orange.

Ratman17.06.2004 13:15
Great colour combination, window is like the others said very original, but could be bigger. i ouwld like to see the inside of the pc.

ii17.06.2004 10:58
Cool. Orginal shape of window. Window could be a bit more big.
I love that DFI LP MoBo. (i have one too)

Pythian17.06.2004 09:06
love it! get that acrylic on and it will be nice :).. 4/5 as you could have hid the inverter for the cathode, and tucked those molex's away nicely .. but overall its very nice, top job!

sean017.06.2004 08:48
its mainly the top of the window thats not cut propely jus tfix that up im not a fan of the design it would look better as the L shape but THE COLOURS , they look awsome but wasnt it all meant to be green ? 3/5