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Added: 22.06.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: PowerbookG417
Country: Canada

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This is a couple quick pictures of my hack apple pro mouse. after a simple paint job and something i havent seen on this site yet...changing the optic sensor led...thats right..its blue...OHHHH

enjoy all

coming soon a glow blue apple logo on the back of a powerbook G4 17"

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.21 - Votes: 28

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Caff29.07.2007 01:19
Macs don't crash? they DON'T CRASH?! That is the biggest load of crap i have ever heard. i work with macs regulary, on a daily basis, and almost EVERY day, something happens, like the network will suddenly crash, the internet will stop working, a program won't open, you name it, it's happened to me. on the other hand, my PC at home is the most reliable machine i have ever used. so don't say 'Macs don't crash, because you are just talking out of your ass and it's painfully obvious.

huh?31.07.2006 02:09
sweet. it's a nice change from the boring white version. it would look way kooler if it had some blue LED's in it.

Person 1224.07.2006 05:59
Sigh... C'mon people. Both macs and PC has their strong points. Macs look pretty are good at video editing..... and PC's are good at, well, everything else.

It's just personal opinion.

anyway.... Nice moddage. 5/5. I think it'd be cool if you backlit the apple

macmaniac02.10.2005 23:53
Very nice mod5/5, how'd u open the mouse though?
To the people who say macs suck guess what, apple came up with icons, and microsoft stole them, macs don't crash, and don't get viruses, pc's are just a cheap version of apple computers.
As some other intelligent person said before"If microsoft is future, we are history.
PS: NA's right, It's called modding, not hacking

NA04.06.2005 02:11
why the heck do you keep calling it a "hack?" Opening a mouse, painting it and adding a LED isn't hacking the stupid thing. It's called modding! Get it straight, you mofo!

belgium25.07.2004 16:15

verry cool 5/5

KUBE24.07.2004 09:02
Ok....I like the paint job but come on......MAC?

PowerbookG41703.07.2004 22:22
under the tape mast so the logo isnt the greatest..a vinyal sticker or more time might look better...but then again..the mouse might be gone in a couple weeks cuase im think im going to be hackin the new apple pro bluetooth mouse

PowerbookG41703.07.2004 22:21
the mouse came apart in about 3-4 main pieces with some tactfull prying. and some help from website with full directions.
paint i went to a local hobbie shop and got some regular spay paint for PVC plastic..i sanded the whole top of the mouse to get rid of the orignal apple logo...i then painted the entire area with a white primer paint to get a nice white colour. then cut out a logo from a piece of painters tape and placed it on the mouse in the area/direction i wanted then painted the main blue coat over top, there was many coats of paint and lots of wet sanding to get a nice smooth surface almost like looks amazing but some of the paint leaked

JibbahJabbah29.06.2004 04:37
I have a couple of questions-- How did u crack open the mouse (no obvious screws or anything on that mouse) and 2- What paint did u use and how did u put on the apple? thx

dshakaryan28.06.2004 07:53
I dont like Banana.

s27.06.2004 23:44
I dont like Peach :P

Olli27.06.2004 22:48
I dont like Apple.

Kod1ak27.06.2004 03:20
MAC.....*vomits all over the place*

*anonymous*25.06.2004 23:01
mac heh........

modman24.06.2004 02:17
Swet! i especially like the different led. 5/5

sean023.06.2004 05:52
thats the ONLY thing ive ever seen done with an apple mouse

Macman23.06.2004 05:29
First off, thats the coolest thing i've ever seen done to an apple pro mouse. they look white and bland and u made it look awesome. The led thing was a great touch. 5/5 Oh, and btw, to those who say macs suck, I say this- linux for programming, Mac OS for graphics-- and windows? windows for solitare

Jeff23.06.2004 02:42
ALL HAIL APPLE Just for the fact that you use a Mac I say 5/5. Becuase its an awsome mod I would give you a 10, but it doesnt go that high

oneosix22.06.2004 10:45
here,here. Macs do Suck. And tonnes of people have changed their mouse led. Mine is green. There are a few threads related to changing mouse leds. That being said, It is a good looking mouse. 3pts.

Quentis- Qballin22.06.2004 09:45
Many people have changed the optics. Now. This would be a nice mouse if MACS DIDNT SUCK SO MUCH!!!

cyco22.06.2004 09:32
can the optic led be a regular led and work?