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Added: 22.06.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: An@rchy
Country: Australia

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ICH AMS TEH 1337EST HAXXZ0R OF EM ALL!!!! Yeah, so this is my projector unit. HAR HAR TO EVERYONE WHO PAYED MONEY FOR THEIR PROJECTORS. anyway, so what i need a better lens and so wat i can only watch tv at night now but MEH. MEH MEH MHE. the fact is I can lie in bed and watch tv on the roof! Sooo.... yeah its just a cardboard box taped to the tv set with a lens hole cut out at one end. Maybe when im finished ill upload it to as a fully-fledged mod. hehheheheeehhehe :P

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Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 108

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*anonymous*21.01.2006 14:17
i was thinkin that isnt picture viewd up-sidedown when ur using only one lens ?

An@rchy13.01.2006 12:15
LOL sif i used instructions :P

ilikka08.09.2005 16:39

Maxim14.07.2005 11:18
0/5 beacause this isnt your mod ,you payed 20$ for the lenz and the instuructions on e-bay just as i did ! !!! you are not a 1337 hacker just b-cuz u can follow directions !

Maxximum14.02.2005 15:26
cool but its very big

delucard05.02.2005 10:32
have u tried to move that ``thing┬┤┬┤ to places example lans?


DementuZ01.01.2005 20:36
I would rather pay money for a new / used projector than using that piece of crap... sure it works pretty good though...

3/5 because it may not work like it looks ;)

dcmodder30.10.2004 02:04
i would suggest using two mirrors so the image wouldnt be messed up.cause if you use one you'll be reading everything backwards. 5/5 btw

CUBE27.10.2004 19:35
This is the greatest mod i have ever seen. I must make one. But better so i too can be 1337 as you.

Quatl12.08.2004 07:34
Slap in an angled mirror to invert the image, then the tv can sit flat too, for easier "mounting" (of course still up-side down)

Oogge29.07.2004 12:11
LoL OMG ROFLMAO LoLLololololol 5/5 points! This is THE Best thing ever!

niggajones23.07.2004 05:49

zarbon78921.07.2004 06:52
when* will the mod be on b-storm

zarbon78921.07.2004 06:39
will the mod be on b-storm?

Evil_Commando16.07.2004 03:25
Where did you steal joo lens from?

ZenRgy24.06.2004 11:24
j00 ams t3h 1337 h4x0red!!!11

psy^24.06.2004 04:53
ghetto mod reprazent!

An@rchy24.06.2004 01:01
yeah, and as joo can see i have fixed that with my current setup. It's pointed at the roof, which is projected upside down, although when i lie in bed it's the other way around, or the right way up. If you want to like put it against the wall, you need to put your monitor upside down. Even after that, your text will be backwards, which I experience even with my setup. There are many different designs to overcome that flaw. I suggest looking at:

oneosix23.06.2004 12:10
An@rchy, does yours inverse the image? I want to set mine up on my current monitor but i want the image the correct way. Anyone know how to do this.

N523.06.2004 02:13
wow. and to think i wanted one of those high rez projectors. what was i thinking. 5

sean023.06.2004 00:55
...starting to sound like bioshazard...

An@rchy23.06.2004 00:45

what the...23.06.2004 00:22
No class, no class at all

Quentis22.06.2004 20:58
0m6, j00 12 7h3 m05t l333t h4x012z!!! H41L An@rchy!

An@rchy22.06.2004 15:13
well i cbf about looks, hey its jsut meant to be practical. Anyways, yeah the image is viewable, although a clearer image would be acchieved if i used a frenzel lens.

Nado22.06.2004 14:47
saw this some time ago somewhere else. the idea is really cool, but work on the lookings...

Darth Bender22.06.2004 14:33
*LOL* I like the idea... is the image sharp? :P

Rednisr3122.06.2004 11:33
That Puts the G in Ggggg G-UNIT

An@rchy22.06.2004 11:15
thx ^_^

oneosix22.06.2004 10:50
been there done that. But mine id cleaner. Made it out of MDF- painted black. Its annoying that the room has too be really dark though. Nice job anyway.

nah its really cool22.06.2004 10:47
yeah its pretty cool

An@rchy22.06.2004 10:47

stop it?22.06.2004 10:47

afadfadf22.06.2004 10:46

boby22.06.2004 10:46
omg asl

bobo22.06.2004 10:46

absana22.06.2004 10:45
I agree with penpen, fugly :) BUT ROCKON, SIF PAY MONEY!!!

b00b22.06.2004 10:43

PenPen22.06.2004 10:31
cool idea, but its the ugliest thing ive seen :)