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Added: 23.06.2004
Full Case
Owner: Blopnuts
Country: USA

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This used to be a pretty plain white AOpen case i got from my college, i liked the smooth looking front of it.
-plasma ball taken from halloween statue running off 12v case power, completely shielded from metal casing. Has an on/OFF switch for those annoying little kids at lan parties who go "oh it shocked me" "oh it shocked me" "oh it shocked me" if WERE shocking you (and it isnt) then why would you keep touching it?
-the led display on the front controlled by parallel port, lets me make any flashing pattern i want, or set it to diplay memory or processor usage as a bar graph, programmed in visual basic :)
-i also have another parallel port hooked up to my doorbell that make a popup window when it is pressed, problem is, i can only use 1 at a time
-the rest is just basic stuff, but i was going for a sci-fi spacestation look
-i have about 10 full size photos at the link below

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 79

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jacob 6430.06.2006 17:22
very coll modd I love youre plasmaball!!!!!

rotane06.05.2005 01:07
The plasmaball is the coolest thing I ever seen!!

blopnuts17.07.2004 22:34
I guess Ill have to put a playpen around my computer if you fellas ever come over so you dont kick the plasma ball

Sciatic08.07.2004 12:00
This is really nice! :D the parallel port-controlled led display is kinda cool :)

Tecco05.07.2004 18:36
Hmm. dangerrusly close to feet, faaling bearbottles ect.

pipanol03.07.2004 21:20
yahhhh :(

ppf26.06.2004 14:47
woow im easily impressed but wooow 5/5

Blopnuts25.06.2004 03:06
Sorry, not changing anything about my case, the colors and design is unique to my personality, not set by modding "standards" and the purpose of the different colored led's is for the memory meter, much like the leds in an old stereo volumeter, the red means danger zone, yellow is caution and green is ok.
And kicking my plasma ball is out of the question :)

Quentis- Qballin24.06.2004 21:10
Thats an interesting situation with the mobo. Globe seems kind of dangerous on the floor, ever walk by and almost kick it? Should change the LEDs in the led display to LEDs that match. Also paint the plate its on. Stealth the drives completely, the half painted look just doesnt fly. Plenty of nice mods here. 3/5

Blopnuts23.06.2004 23:32
The thing on the top is just a lighted usb cable and a cd case :)
i apoligise for the messiness, i am constantly digging around in there.
In case youre wondering why i need 2 extra blowholes on the side, my mobo currently runs my processor at at least 60C which is about 15C more than it should, on cool days. The mobo will not let me set a voltage of less than 1.8 because it is defective and my procesor needs 1.6, but the mod helps a great deal.

Nado23.06.2004 14:31
looks nice. the insides are pretty messy, but i love your ideas in combination with programming. just stop using vb =D 4/5

dave_beerman23.06.2004 10:24
Oh, it shocked me! (the look did)
Great work! I got something similar, just that mine is flat, not round. 5/5

venike23.06.2004 10:01
this is so cool idea!!! 5/5

I want to use it in my project...I have only to find little smaller ball..

PenPen23.06.2004 09:43
that is an awsome idea, but ive seen this on some other site, mabye it was yours :)

sean023.06.2004 09:01
S-double-E-T thats original {why didnt i think of that?} remove the el wire it stands out like monkey nuts..anyway whats the thing on the top ? thumbs up 5/ shocked its a 4/5 nah lol

Rednisr3123.06.2004 08:47
That Is One 1337 mod

An@rchy23.06.2004 08:41
now that got balls! uhhm... ball