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Added: 01.07.2004
Owner: Enforcer157
Country: Germany

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This is my first mod. So many have a modded case so I thought I begin with my keybord and mouse pad.

-paint it with an effect spray which has nearly the same color as my mouse (ger. Hammerschlaglack)
-replace green LEDs with a red and an orange
-made glowing armrest
-drill a hole for a plexi with my nick
-light the plexi with a red LED fader(speedcontrol with a potentimeter)
-switch for glowpad, glowing armrest and plexi on the back (duo-LEDs show the status)

you can see more pictures and 3 short movies on my hp.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 34

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Kiriller14.08.2004 05:36
i like the back panel, i will make one my self for a mouse pad im working on :O lol but i need a small switch that i can put somewhere for mouse pad, or. !!!! does any one know where i can get a switch that will control britness of the lights?

N502.07.2004 08:14
ooooo i think it's cool. 5

harezmi01.07.2004 19:13
ıt s really good making must be hard

Nado01.07.2004 15:42
very nice, i like how the switches etc. are fixed. but somehow it looks more like teal than hammerschlag to me. nice anyways, 3/5