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Added: 03.07.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Penguin Boy
Country: USA

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I had a few extra Mountain Dew cans and El Crappo speakers lying around, and so I thought I might be able to combine two usless pieces of junk into one still-usless-but-somewhat-interesting piece of junk. And I did it all without a dremel! All I used was a knife, metal file, glue gun, scissors, elecrical tape, and philips screwdriver. The hardest part was getting the green can cut out the right way so the card would fit. You can see how I couldn't fit what used to be in one speaker into one can, so I had to use two cans. I found that I was one can short of what I needed, so I had to slug down another can... at 9:30 AM. Ugh. Fortunately it was Live Wire, so it tasted remotely like Orange Juice. Over all, I think I burned off a few skin cells with the super glue, but the fatalities were minimal considering this was my first mod. :) The one thing that's bothering me is that everything that's played through it sounds like it's inside a tin can.

Oh, wait...

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 101

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Mansfield24.09.2006 13:19
I had done this to my walkman-coca-cola radio! speakers was rop of the cocacola cans! 3

BoogeyMan12.03.2005 02:35
Meh, Sorry, that last one was me. you should convert a 2-liter bottle into a Subwoofer, and use a 20oz for the speaker controller. you could control the volume by turning the bottle cap. hey, that's a good idea! okay, expect to see one of those soon. :) thanks for the inspiration! 5/5!

*anonymous*12.03.2005 02:32
that RULES!!!! Mountain dew Rules!! 23 out of 5! i hope you don't mind if i make a set of those to go with my upcoming "Mountain dew 24-pack computer"!

crash210813.02.2005 01:41
needs some symmitry(spelling?)

fergz19.09.2004 20:50
Very nice how did you mange that

zarbon78904.08.2004 05:38
sweet 4/5

Sciatic26.07.2004 14:11
I like it. 3 out of 5 for the looks and 5 out of 5 for the idea :D = 4/5

Qballcious15.07.2004 06:17
hahah weird. ANd I thought my first set of PC speakers sounded "tinnie", what do these sound like? Aluminum-ie? :-) Great conversation piece. 2/5

jZ12.07.2004 21:06
I like the idea. Still u could recycle the cans. :) 4/5

Scrat12.07.2004 00:39
Leave it to You to put something in a Mountain Dew can! I like it alot!
< |/
< /|

MaDmAx09.07.2004 08:46
Should of used some pepsi max cans :P nah only joking they look wicked good job!

TLG08.07.2004 22:16
Nice ghetto fun. All you need is LEDs!

VampNslayer06.07.2004 08:02
I love it ! Mountain dew is awsome , now how about some Green LEDs inside the cans ! Good job.

Mike05.07.2004 07:54
You should make so the subwoofer out of a bubba can (5 liter beer they have in Canada, I once saw a computer built in one.)

Cute, creative mod. 4/5

*anonymous*05.07.2004 02:17
good funny mod 5/5 for pure style

Jukz04.07.2004 22:57
That's awesome! 4/5

Tw1SteD04.07.2004 17:00
You could make them alot nicer. 3/5

Nado04.07.2004 11:30
lol, this is just cool. these speakers got style!

Quentis-Qballin04.07.2004 03:25
Oh..perhaps you could put some shock absorbing material under it, and something heavy on top, that should keep the vibration minimal.

Quentis04.07.2004 03:16
Could look better...hehe.

N504.07.2004 02:30
very cool. 5

Diablo04.07.2004 00:45
WHAhahaha i love it 4/5 couz there is no subwoofer

Olli03.07.2004 23:14
And next mode is subwoofer to Mountain Dew bottle :-P

Mr. Muffin03.07.2004 22:57
Nice use of MD lol