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Added: 06.07.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Coolik
Country: Poland

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That's my little PSU mod v2,1 :) here's the link to my article :

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 152

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Nick31.10.2005 20:09
Plexcover is premodded !!!

Suize15.04.2005 19:41
this is big cow

rozek11.03.2005 17:26
Extra polska jest najlepsza w modzikach the best

KlaZaA09.10.2004 18:29
HARDCORE!! the coolest power ive ever seen!! :D 5/5 totally!

HartZa30.07.2004 10:48
I prefer red lights, but cool still :P

kwakbe10.07.2004 19:52
...better than i did mine. 4/5

jharsh09.07.2004 00:58
Looks great! Nice work. and unlike Q-bollocks I like it. 5/5

Coolik07.07.2004 23:55
I do photos with Olympus C4000 - with the yellow table with the lamp over my camera :) - that's my e-mail adress
there is some more photos and information

that's a bigger photos

Thank's for the comments :)

Q-bollocks07.07.2004 23:54
Looks nice. I don't like it. 1/5

Bugi06.07.2004 21:16
Hey what's your e-mail?
I got few questions

Bugi06.07.2004 21:10
Great job!

blat06.07.2004 17:37
what kinda camera did you use to take with the yellow table pic looks nice i want one!!!!!

Dogleg06.07.2004 16:09
Good Mod. Nice and clean. 5/5

Kammer06.07.2004 15:15
Cool :) 5/5