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Added: 06.07.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: BEan
Country: USA

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A friend of mine paid me $17 to mod his gamecube. He wanted Link from legend of zelda on the lid, and green lights. The forth picture is the one i used for the lid. Its from the next zelda game everyone saw at E3.

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Rating: 3.19 - Votes: 27

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*anonymous*27.02.2005 17:49
How to open the dam thing how i almost crying...

*anonymous*27.02.2005 17:34
can anyone show me how to opend a game cube?

lich16.12.2004 03:11
wow.... now thats nice. But im fond of the 8-bit one more... but good 4/5

hi28.11.2004 20:40
Zelda owns :D

splinter_cell12.07.2004 21:38
x-cube was the best. after that they all sucked.

CrazyMo11.07.2004 00:49
And how do you remove the orginal label?

CrazyMo10.07.2004 06:17
Hey BEan Could you plz send me instsructions on how to do this mod please i would like to learn how so i can do it myself. my e-mail is, Thx

BEan08.07.2004 07:47
I am not offended, and I did not take it personaly. You do have a valid point. Sonner or later i'll write up a guide and submit it to a couple of websites.

Quentis-Qballin08.07.2004 03:41
Haha, ;-) I did not mean to offend you, if it you took it personally.

BEan07.07.2004 21:28
This is my last one. I just did it for gas money.

Quentis-Qballin07.07.2004 15:06
It never gets old with you does it BEan? This is exactly the same as the last 50 gamecubes youve submitted. Its not any better, its not any different. Its the same mod, every time. Its not like Im going to give you a different score. Its not even impressive. Are you trying to submit one in every color of the rainbow? How about the entire color spectrum of LEDs? Why not different mcd's of each color? You could have blue in 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 and 4000 mcd. 1/5

N507.07.2004 06:32
it's about time we saw more gamecubes in this gallery! i keep telling myself i'm gonna buy another cube and then really mod it, but i never do.

DaRkDrEw07.07.2004 04:54
Nice Mod!
I don't have any experience with modding but this is what I call a nice box