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Added: 07.07.2004
Single case mods
Owner: ~Mike~
Country: USA

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I'm in ther process of building a MONSTER Case.
Here is my dual 120mm blowhole. Made from 3/8 acrylic and screwed to the top of the case. THe big radiator extends clear into the bay area.
This actully has four 120mm fans here, three more 120mm case fans and one more little 80mm fan.

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 49

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Qballcious18.11.2004 05:40
I think the fans are there to cool the radiator and remove warm air from the case. Not overkill at all. As long as you slow the fans down with a rheobus. 4/5 so far. keep it up.

*anonymous*10.09.2004 00:39
U know that just one fan in the ceiling of ur case cools better than loads of fans?... Well its true... find the benchmark somewhere... This is pure overkill... Its funny though and I guess its just for fun more than for fuctionality...

~Mike~08.07.2004 20:23
The whole theme of this case is TOO BIG and TOO MUCH.
I wanted a clean case with little or no bolt-on, pre-modded crap. I have a nice pre-modded case, but it's nothing but an assembly. I wanted the true experience of making a true custom computer. Only then can I take real pride in saying "I Built This!"
I plan on using mostly UV, so only the UV components show.
This gives me more flexibility on color schemes.
All the fans are clear only or plain black.
Click on my site and go to "Work-Log" to see where I'm at today. I post mods and changes at least twice a week.

N508.07.2004 08:03
looks well done, but is it really necessary? i like 120s too, but whoa. 5 for the quality though.

Quentis-Qballin08.07.2004 03:44
You look like youre out to do some professional modding. Everything looks really clean so far. Would like to see it completed, please dont ruin it with ubertacky lights :( 3/5

j.d08.07.2004 01:46
nice very nice! cant wait to see it done