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Added: 09.07.2004
Single case mods
Owner: PeekO
Country: Finland

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Kaveri halus kylki ikkunan koneeseensa.Kaiversin sit sille vielä sen nickin tohon ikkunaan.Valojen värit ovat sininen ja lila mutta jostain kumman syystä toi lila ei oikein kunnolla näy tossa kuvassa selkeesti.

Friend of my wanted a side window to his computer.I carved his nick also to the window.

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Rating: 2.36 - Votes: 42

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mikeyb26.07.2004 14:47
wau! plexi ja kotelovaloja! :p wau!

PeekO15.07.2004 19:55
There is only 1 blue cathode and one purple but the purple don't see on this picture

splinter_cell12.07.2004 21:36
looks like theres about 6 blue ccfls in there, too much bloo 1/5

kwakbe10.07.2004 19:48
...the guys are wright with their oppinion `bout too blue.

Pythian09.07.2004 08:42
Honestly, i wouldn't have bothered with the 'engraving', the window looks clean, but you've blue'd it up so much that it deserves a healthy 1/5

Aromus09.07.2004 04:50
What the f*ck were u think..u would get a 5/5..nah thats a 0.5/5

Quentis-Qballin09.07.2004 03:49
Best mod ever. Completely worth submitting. 1/5

fgdfgrh09.07.2004 03:27
Alkaa nää ikkuna jutut olee kuluneita :o