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Added: 13.07.2004
Owner: h3x
Country: USA

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I wanted to rig my wireless keyboard with EL wire to give it a glow under the keys. To do this, I had to give the EL wire an alternatie power supply (2 AAA batteries) that were independent of the keyboards batteries. I am happy with the brightness, however I may recommend using a 9V battery if you want to have a brighter glow.

-Looks sweet

-Risky cutting and drilling to an expensive keyboard
-EL Wire doesn't glow too brightly

I'd like to hear your comments.

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Rating: 3.04 - Votes: 27

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pixeliris04.05.2006 16:47
this is hot!

Bravo10.08.2004 16:46
I like it, better than LED which give off hotspots. The El wire is nice and evenly bright unlike LED backlight which are bright in some areas then dim and bright in others. Great job~

{X}LoCoS01.08.2004 04:08
I wouldnt recommend using a 9 volt battery, im making one right now with 6 leds and ive had to completely rework the innards of my wireless logitech keyboard in order to fit 2 9 volt batteries ^^

critter18.07.2004 08:39
Yes, I believe h3x should be 'shot' as well for ruining his OWN keyboard.


cool mod mang!

h3x16.07.2004 06:03
The asthetics are the same. With the battery shield in place, the keyboard looks absolutely normal. With the EL wire turned off, the keyboard looks like stock. How can you say it looks ugly or mutilated when it looks the exact same as it did before. The light turns off and on with a switch. This is a damn good mod. It matches my computer, while being very suddle, not over done.
Much better than other mods I've seen around here.

Jeff15.07.2004 17:16
OK, battery placement is horrible. Second, don't do mods that require power to wireless keyboard, I would have been happy with a simple paint job. Finally I love that keyboard, but you mutilated it.

NEO15.07.2004 14:45
Now I know why you don't want to hear the comments. Because the mod is reallly ugly!!!!!!!

Bugi15.07.2004 00:11
Always wanted like that...

Neathol7714.07.2004 21:26
Looks good but i agree with splinter cell you should use leds , el wire is an easy way out.2.5/5

.-=ronin=-.14.07.2004 17:36
Where did you bung the battries?
please e-mail me @

wow14.07.2004 15:25
very sloppy poor job, not impressed, it is beyond disgusting, you should be shot for ruining a good keyboard and el wire

Quentis-Qballin14.07.2004 02:34
I hate EL wire. Poor sloppy job putting in the batteries. Even if you cant see it. 1/5

splinter_cell14.07.2004 01:58
shouldve used leds, 2/5 for the good keyboard. my parents have the same one and recently it has started dying for no real reason, even with new batteries.

Harakiri14.07.2004 00:45
That looks awesome.