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Added: 14.07.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Nado
Country: Poland

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this has nothing in common with computers, but i wanted to show you my last job ;)
it's a cage for my sister's chinchillas. she got it from me for birthday. i know, it's damn fugly, but the two killer beasts just love it.

Admin's comments/notes:
Never seen something like it so I'll let it pass. Next thing to do is to add lighting? ;)

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 166

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acornstu03.09.2008 15:53
lol yeah. lighting and barry mantelow! :) had a buddy that gave his flying squirrels their own room. little s.o.b.s loved it. nice work

manuMAN02.10.2006 16:39
where is all neon lights?? Add some! =D btw, my cat is hungry wuold you sell those rats, I'd pay 5€ per each =D

aaaatu09.09.2006 15:04
you should have hid the hinges. :/
Have they never fell from upper levels to bottom?

*anonymous*31.03.2006 13:03
its useless add handles

_KaMiK_29.08.2005 01:17
HiHi Nado - this is great =D i never see something like that :D Chinchillas have nice parents hihi :D
Pozdro from Poland :D

BIG-O10.07.2005 13:32

Infernocs01.06.2005 13:29
Wonder if those taste good?

Cube08.04.2005 19:23
Lay off the chinchillas

BoogeyMan13.03.2005 02:41
wow those are cute little animals.. ^.^ and cool cage too. all it needs now are some cold cathodes!

bOa10.03.2005 21:51
Where are the leds? :D no just kidding.. 5/5 very.. weird

Tile06.02.2005 22:06
I love chinchillas
Nice work

AdamW21.11.2004 09:40
wow i want one of those chilla's for my PC, would probably move more are around = more cooling lol

Stevydoos20.08.2004 16:04
Hehe, thats cool. Trying to make them think they're mario? A couple of game themed paintings would make this mod rock..

Fast12812.08.2004 01:29
UV leds! one of them is white, will glow in UV ]:->
nice job ;)

Jipa09.08.2004 19:56
/we want pink leds :D

moderboy22.07.2004 08:55
Paint the chillas to red, run the some generator. :PP and you now have a UPS :P

TLG21.07.2004 05:24
Omg what are those animals? I have never seen something like that before!? And I DO watch Animal Planet!

moderboy18.07.2004 22:01
some leds to the chillas, i think your sister love the idea :P

Nado17.07.2004 17:17
i let 'em out every evening, then they always run around

Toften17.07.2004 13:52
mod the bunny... MOD THE BUNNY :D
hehe, they are damm cute, im gonna buy one and put it in my comp :D

are they fine, just walking in wood?

Nado15.07.2004 21:24
lol, they rule, man!

splinter_cell15.07.2004 19:20
damn those things are ugly.

sean015.07.2004 18:56
I SEEN CHARLIS ANGELS 2 :)...but dont know what yer on about

Nado15.07.2004 18:44
oh, yes, ehehe... those pics are a bit out of date, i added some locks to the doors, it's absolutely primitive, but it works :)

Harakiri15.07.2004 18:25
How does the doors keep closed?

N515.07.2004 05:06
you should add a light in there. might make the little guys happy. 5/5

pariah15.07.2004 03:04
5/5 for originality; now just mod it with some leds, fans, and everything else

Dredge15.07.2004 02:38
We have an 11-3-50 here ;) (Anyone seen Charlie's Angels 2?)

njh45u5715.07.2004 01:29
Nice but maby wrong area for these :D

Bugi15.07.2004 00:13

Nado14.07.2004 22:28
hehe, japala... i proposed it to my sister, but she didn't like the idea that much, same as some fans for cooling those monsters down in summer ;)

Corpes014.07.2004 22:14
HaHA someone is gonna have to clean that!!!