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Added: 15.07.2004
Office and Desk shots.
Owner: meltear
Country: Japan

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Rating: 3.17 - Votes: 29

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*anonymous*22.04.2006 10:43
Just clean up you'r room and it will be cool ;)

*anonymous*03.01.2005 01:42

Max15.12.2004 13:28
very nice and very nice B.C. Rich :)

meltear17.07.2004 15:26
yes, as big as my bug hand :D
and same for the scorpio

*anonymous*17.07.2004 12:56
i bet it is real spider. no one is enough silly to frame fake spider.

*anonymous*17.07.2004 01:44
is that a real SPider on he wall. Close up please !!

meltear16.07.2004 21:24
sex alcohol and rock"n roll rulez

often chaos in my house.
and quite dificult to keep order with audio stuff.

[rise of the cable]

*anonymous*16.07.2004 12:26
sex alcohol and rock n roll forever m/

speedy16.07.2004 12:18
i see you like the belgium beer :-))

aremclaime16.07.2004 06:42
very nice, kinda messy, but looks good, better than my room

N516.07.2004 02:12
now that is a great room. i like the mixed traditional and electric gutars. the alchohol shelf is nice, i gotta build one for my sake bottles sometime. very messy, but very cool.

Shizznitt16.07.2004 00:31
omg what a mess