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Added: 17.07.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: cyco
Country: USA

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This is my m4a1 airsoft assault rifle (not a real firearm does not shoot real bullets) and i made a custom sliencer for it. Well i have gotten realy realy sick of the stock bareel flash hider so i made a sliencer for a skirmish we are hosting today. took me about 20 minutes.
My computer car broke finaly so i cut it open pulled of the leather and the foam so i had foam to work with.

1 i took a peice of tubing a painted it black.
2 i cut a aluminum arrow to extend the inner barrel to the outside of the supressor to get past the foam.
3 i put the foam inside the tubing and placed the inner barrel and placed it inside the foam and the faom secured the barrel and the sliencer to the gun to make a tight fit and to keep t from moving.

it does shoot and shoots very nice and i say looks alot better then before

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Rating: 2.26 - Votes: 77

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*anonymous*10.07.2005 06:07
King Fufu, first of all, suppressors on Airsoft Rifles do matter, not that they were as useful most ppl would think, but they still do. Especilly on pistols, why?
Because of the barrel lenght, longer the better, right?
And it also depends on the mechabox, some of them silence the noise pretty much, and so most of it comes thru barrel or whatever. I doubt that a makeshift silencer will help that tho.

And also, the gun in the picture is not M16, its M4, pbb SOPMOD. Nevertheless, i find suppressors pretty nice looking on M16-series guns, and even more nicer on M4s.

Boogeyman, not illegal. Very legal in most countries. An its fun too. 5/5

:F08.06.2005 18:55
lol that toilet papper roll :DDD

BoogeyMan29.05.2005 05:26
i think that's illegal.

sfdhs20.05.2005 12:46
lol you guys, this is jokes section, so it's a joke!!! :D
a horrible looking silencer but thats the purpose

King Fufu12.04.2005 19:12
First of all, no matter what anyone tells you SILELCERS FOR AIRSOFT GUNS DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!!!!
FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! Yeah. that's it. Another thing is that if you made the silencer to look cool, than you should AT LEAST drill holes in the sides, stick a silver (or just metal) tube inside of it, and rounded the edges.
A final thing is that SILENCERD DO NOT GO ON M16s!!!!!!
That is just retarded.

d00d08.04.2005 00:04
y not buy a real airsoft silencer

*anonymous*17.03.2005 18:42
dude, i hate to say this, but this SUCKS. ordinarily i don't like to knock other people's work, but come on! first of all, you posted in the "computer humor" section, and if this is supposed to be funny, i don't see it. second, why the hell would you even want to do something so ridiculous? if you're that desperate, whip out the Visa or MC and go buy a damn silencer, please don't humiliate DIYers by posting this crap

AgentDDR99909.03.2005 23:42
Titkitorch87, if you post it, it should look halfway decent. This mod is horrible. Silincers are supposed to attach to the barrel, not hide it. You used horrible english too, cyco. Half of it doesn't make sense! I would've taken advantage of the 1/14 screw hole if I were you. By "tubing" you do mean a toilet paper tube?

tikitorch8718.01.2005 04:55
You guys are WAY to stingy. He said he made it himself, what do you want? Like it would be perfect when he whipped it out in 20 mins. too. Retards.

Nive job man, it looks pretty good, and if it silences more power to you. I'm a huge airsoft man and now the importance of having a silencer, and might just have to use that on my FAMAS.

Mosselman10.09.2004 00:43
it looks alot better without it...

*anonymous*28.08.2004 19:10

Oogge29.07.2004 12:23
How about sending us some sound clips of firing the gun with and without the "silencer" so we can hear if it actually works or not.

Jezzer22.07.2004 01:41
i sorry thats terible i would have left it as it was or do exactly as m2graphics says.....said.......whatever

MaWeRiQ18.07.2004 12:32
I agre with m2graphics and I have to say to Oogge silencers can be attached around the barrel with the screw in the middle of the silencer.

But most important of it all (and this is if I understand the story correct) is that silencers are supposted to silence the gun not just look better then the flash hidder!

m2graphics18.07.2004 07:51
blech... this is weak at best. go get 30$ and buy a real one. i have friends that have really nice m4a1s with scopes and bipods and upgraded internals. much more worthy things to do than making ur own silencer. even the stock silencer on my MP5SD6 looks 1000x better than that.

Corpes018.07.2004 06:45
Pretty nice people obviously havent seen some of the worse type of silencers. Is that an AEG?

tm36usa18.07.2004 03:28
LOL! sean0 is right it looks like a paper towel tube painted (sharpied :P) black. LOL

sean018.07.2004 00:15
looks like a toilet roll :)
if it shoots nicce and you like it well then 4/5

moe17.07.2004 22:57
I've seen a lot selfmade airsoft equipment but this has to be the worst/funniest ever :D


tm36usa17.07.2004 20:14
1/5 , 0/5 if it was possible
WFT???? WTF does an airsoft rifle have to do with modding??? Not that good. My friend made a better one and a fully working bi-pod that mounts to his front grip on his m4a1.

And Oogge is right Silencers (or supressors) are attached to the end of the barrel NOT around the barrel so that it covers about 5 inches of the barrel.

Oogge17.07.2004 19:12
That's awful. 1/5 points from me.
1. Silencers (or supressors) are attached to the end of the barrel NOT around the barrel so that it covers 'bout 5 inches of the barrel.
2. You have 1/14 anti-clockwise screw threads at end of your barrel (under your flash hider), USE THEM!
3. Looks ugly.
4. Your text doesn't make any sense.
5. Picture sucks, you need more of them.

"Ei näin!"

ToNic17.07.2004 18:31
Need a before and after shot.

jZ17.07.2004 17:20
Looks quite good from a distance but will it survive your skirmish - for that I can't be sure. 3/5

Mg17.07.2004 17:19
Quentis wasn't first... That's odd...
I just managed to read the story(omg what text...), but the silencer is made well, I liked it very much! 4/5