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Added: 17.07.2004
Single case mods
Owner: HartZa
Country: Finland

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So, if you can't tell what this is, i can.
It's the cigarette lighter known from car consoles :P
One day i just thought that hey, car and computer use the same voltage, 12V, so why shouldn't i make a cigarette lighter to my computer?
It's pretty useful, too. I can use all kinds of stuff from travel TV to keyboard lights from it, pretty useful at LAN party's.
The first pic is a close-up of it, second is where it shows among the rest of the computer, and the third one is the wired side of the lighter, inside the computer.
Have fun building your own!

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Rating: 3.1 - Votes: 20

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VG02.09.2005 23:39
Heh, mä aattelin kans yhes vaihees tota kun lällää piti saada virtaa mut ei toi 12v ihan riitä siihe, niin piti tehä maskotti muuntajan kylkee tollanen :D

Olli16.08.2004 12:57
Kerkesit ennen Czaaata, mut sil oli viel tos sulakekin mukana ;-)

mikeyb26.07.2004 14:43
eikö tämä oo jo vanha idea.. mut kiva että joku hoksi sen uudestaan.. =) ei silti kovin vakuuttavaa.. [2/5]

Sciatic26.07.2004 14:26
En polta eikä tolle oo muutenkaa pahemmin käyttöö mut tekis silti mieli rakentaa :D

Teemu20.07.2004 18:50
Hei, toha on muute aika siisti :)
Mäki hommaan tollaasen :P

HartZa20.07.2004 18:23
I noticed that too, but i don't need any fan controls in my case, it stays cool enough just by the processor cooler :P
Currently, i'm making another cigarette lighter on the same panel. Also, on my spare time, i try to continue my serie of car mods, but i won't reveal anything yet :)

Pythian19.07.2004 03:55
it looks lonely there by itself on that drivebay, maybe you could turn that panel into a little control bay with lights control and fan control.. look like you've done a good job, fairly basic tho, so 3/5 still a bit more you could add in

PenPen19.07.2004 02:30
yeah.. that is smart, never thougt about it, but its true that you can connect almost everything in those :D
nice cutout too
good idea :)