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Added: 17.07.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: h3x
Country: USA
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I recently rigged a PSX controller to my PC. I used vinyl dye to color the female port black and I am using a PS2 controller. The Drivers are installed and working properly. This is a very good mod for arcade style games used in windows. The Playstation pad is one of the best designed control pad ever.

I used a flashing LED inside the port, so the female port blinks red when the pad is unplugged. You can't tell in the pictures.

Let me know what you think.

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 44

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gEgUrK01.08.2006 04:45
Awesome, really nice. But ain't it easier to buy a Playstation port - usb adapter? Or a Playstation controller clone with usb connector? (both easy to find in video game and pc-tech stores)

Anyway its pretty damn cool.

BTDM14.06.2006 07:30
I need the tut for this! PLEASE!

Ohikulkia28.11.2005 18:39
Todella hieno ja kätevä!

BoogeyMan09.03.2005 00:00
Wow. just Wow.

Kevv08.03.2005 18:59
How have you made it? can you tel me plz...

Ripper301.03.2005 14:32
Um...niiiiiiiiiiice, i want one too now, but i really suck at making things (believe me, there's no hope...) anyway, could someone either build me one n send to me (prefersably someone in the UK :P) or could someone give me a simpler guide to t plz?

agashka28.12.2004 10:57
really cool , i thing i will do , I WILL do one for my nes/snes/n64/ps2/xbox!!! wil be really nice , but someone can help me ???!!!
i really apreciate someone help me , pls ;)

Ivor Biggun19.12.2004 12:09
nice 1 mate, 5/5

Modderbox01.12.2004 00:11
now THATS a mod!!, make an xbox and gamecube (pff gamecube) one

Janney8623.10.2004 05:20
This is something really innovative! 5/5
Have to make this too! Good job!

VampNslayer01.08.2004 06:48
adapter on ebay does same thing but with two female ports connected via USB $10 and works great !

Holzzy24.07.2004 22:43
Saw the schematics in english. Don't want to screw around with my psx controllers. I'll just stick with my modded xbox controller!

Holzzy24.07.2004 22:39
Schematics in english?

ShadowMan23.07.2004 21:05
Hey cool mod. I just love it i will try to do it my self some day

halo_addict21.07.2004 04:50
I love how the port looks on the bezel! I just made one of these myself recently. what games do you use it for?

sean020.07.2004 00:33
luv the bezels i done somthing simalar just recently,....o' yea..the controller mod is good too

h3x19.07.2004 22:16
I used schematics found at I dremeled the bezel of my PC case, and hot glued the psx port into the space. Everything plugs in smoothly, and works well.

Diablo18.07.2004 21:46
show and tell me how you installed it