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Added: 18.07.2004
Game Consoles
Owner: Meltear
Country: Japan

.: All mods by owner...
my 1st mod
and my 1st step in electronic

wot a nightmare... :d

Admin's comments/notes:
Added leds

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Rating: 2.6 - Votes: 20

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Sp3cial17.06.2005 18:00
Good job on your first mod! Much better than my first,by the time i was done,i had ruined about 7 LED's and a controller...

*anonymous*08.02.2005 00:46
I think that is cool

monkeY!26.12.2004 00:10
Put leds in the buttons :D like i did. i think your mod is great,, if u put the jewel back! its not perfect but its nice... 3/5

DementuZ24.12.2004 18:38
nightmare indeed... i couldn't really see wut u modded though...

lich16.12.2004 03:09
its his first time lay off

Modderbox01.12.2004 00:10
kinda dull mod no offence

knoppix killer01.11.2004 04:12
same thing 2 for now in tell you put the jewel back on

-=H4nNiB4L=-26.09.2004 08:59
Right now, Ima rate it a 2. But if you would put a logo in the mid circle with a clear protective layer of whatever on top and added a led behind it, it would look very nice. But thats just my suggestion.

false-hopes09.08.2004 03:47
did you know you spelled horribly wrong?

Lord SOth08.08.2004 09:08
did you notice the ones with the problems. speak english horribley xD

nikkuh06.08.2004 00:27
just put a nice round mirror on that jewel part and it'll be great

sean023.07.2004 13:49
hmm i thort you were gunna put the speaker thats behind it were the jewel is,....

Jezzer22.07.2004 01:37
OMG what is that i give it 1/5 for the effort but aparty from that its shockingly bad sorry but i have to tell the truth....nice try anyway

moe19.07.2004 16:05
wut teh fsck?

splinter_cell19.07.2004 03:18
you need to somehow either replace the jewel or sue some kind of filler to fill the hole. looks ugly. 2/5