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Added: 18.07.2004
Mice, mousepads etc.
Owner: h3x
Country: USA
WWW: http://none

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I made this mod out of bordem, and just because it looked so plain. I may use it in the future or as a n external mouse on my laptop.

Let me know what you think.

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Rating: 2.27 - Votes: 15

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h3x19.07.2004 22:19
It is an old crappy ball mouse. I actually used vinyl dye and dyed each piece of the mouse seperatly. The pen just is in the picture. You can't see the tape looking mark unless under the bright flash of my camera. It looks and works real well.

jZ19.07.2004 17:19
Eh... Did u really use that pen to paint the mouse? Hope not. And that tape on the hole? Well atleast u did something but maybe a more permanent solution is needed pretty soon or it won't look nice at all. 2/5