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Added: 20.07.2004
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Owner: h3x
Country: USA
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I just used vinyl dye to color this old floppy box black. I outlined it in red, and colored the seperators black and red. I use it now for CD's and it can store up to 26 slim jewel cases. The flash makes the red look pink, but it isn't even close to that in real life.

let me know what you think.

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Rating: 3.24 - Votes: 25

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AEdwards07.08.2004 08:35
Nice work.

Splinter_cell: He took something old, modified it, and used it for a different purpose. How about you don't downvote people for mods that are innovative.

brandonamp25.07.2004 08:11
good idea, i'm off to dig out my ole 5.25in floppy boxes

splinter_cell25.07.2004 07:01
why did you post this. 1/5

???20.07.2004 23:17

you are a great genius
Good job for the invention of technicolor

moe20.07.2004 15:50
Ratman, did you read the story?

Nice box.
It's basic but it looks cool.

Ratman20.07.2004 13:02
Nice to use old stuff! But i dont really like the colour loL. 3/5

Nourvan20.07.2004 07:36
Pretty basic. 2/5