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Added: 23.07.2004
Single case mods
Owner: splinter_cell
Country: USA

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top window and blowholes, nothing special but it follows the design of my side window.

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Rating: 2.7 - Votes: 20

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bendude02.08.2004 03:03
superb 5/5

splinter_cell29.07.2004 18:14
damn i had my hopes up too. ;-P

*anonymous*29.07.2004 16:45
Uberfugly! 1/5

Quentis29.07.2004 06:17 wasnt me. If you guys read back, I decided to stop posting because of some hostile people. I still drop by to look. Anyway, this will probably be one comment out of the five Ill be leaving in the next year or so. Just had to clear it up that that guy wasnt me, why sarcasm for my friend splinter_cell? ;-) Ill give you my honest opinion. I dont like it. Its too jagged and extreme for the case you are modding. The shapes are sharp, but the case is not. Its just a mismatch. Perhaps further down the line, itll all come together, Im sure you have some sort of plan. Good luck, Ill be watching for progress. Ill have to drop a 1/5 for now.

splinter_cell29.07.2004 04:33
i think it was quentis, if it wasnt he would have posted again telling us taht the last one was a fake, or something like that, but it was just a sarcstic comment, remember you can write whatever you want and still vote differently.

(i hate anonymity)

*anonymous*29.07.2004 02:14
Quentis woildn't never give 5/5 for this crap... 100% fact; that isn't THE Quentis.

N528.07.2004 06:27
i was thinking the same thing providing that is really Quentis. somehow i doubt it, but you never know...

splinter_cell28.07.2004 00:20
WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 from quentis

Quentis- Qballin27.07.2004 21:51
Absolutely beautiful, 5/5

splinter_cell25.07.2004 07:08
im not sure if i like the win behind fans too, oh and i think your face is pretty scary too, d'yo hear me complaining. ;-P

sean025.07.2004 06:22
yup' i would go with the window bwhind the fans asweel,...
the face is just scary! but it looks better on an angle shot where you can see the window too 3/5

N525.07.2004 01:46
unique window shape. the dual blowholes are fairly uncommon too 4

Sam Fisher24.07.2004 16:56
One word: fugly!