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Added: 24.07.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Rutger1413
Country: USA

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This is the front grill of my Antec server case I have been working on for a while. Acrylic rods w/ leds in them and a custom made power switch. Also a blue lit "window" (its made of epoxy) in the top that shines down, but you cant tel in the pictures. You can check the rest of my project out at b-storm.

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Rating: 3.41 - Votes: 88

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Rutger141328.07.2004 05:32
The speakers arnt upside down, I just flipped the metal brakcet around for wall mount.

When the final case is done there wont be to much blue. Behind the grill you will see Green fans so it will be broken up.

Aromus26.07.2004 23:14
ur speakers r upside down. i got the same one logitech z-640 5.1..i think u've go the 2.1..but ur modd looks excelent 4/5

Neathol7726.07.2004 21:46
It looks good its just a bit to much blue if you know what i mean mybe differant colours on the grill 4/5

zarbon78926.07.2004 06:05
Nice. 5/5

Rutger141326.07.2004 04:38
Oh and BTW I painted it to a mirror finish also. Check out the log.

Rutger141326.07.2004 01:57
I got the Acrylic rods from

If you want to see more of the case check out Its project "Lighten Up" found on the main page on the right hand side.

*anonymous*26.07.2004 00:17
SWEEEET JOB! 5/5 where did u get them?

splinter_cell25.07.2004 19:52
5 from me.

TnT25.07.2004 17:21
Ok, it´s very cool, but I think it´s little to simple, but all single case mods are like that. I wait that you do the rest of your case, then it´s perfect.

Rednisr3125.07.2004 11:37
Still awesome