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Added: 25.07.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: splinter_cell
Country: USA

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another simple mod by me. i painted the front bezel of the fdd black, i also changed the stock green led to a superbright green one.

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Rating: 2.05 - Votes: 37

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HandsomeDan13.04.2006 22:31
I like the floppy. Now please hurry up and do the rest of that ancient case, make it look purdy again!

You have a well shaped case, that can look really good. Don't be afraid to coat the entire case. And maybe a window. Maybe. I know some people aren't ready for carving their aluminum case siding yet. There is great potential here, keep it going.

markisces23.02.2006 13:18
I think its great.
A true modder uses things that are lying around and makes them usefull again. Its far better to buy a 1.50 can of paint that to buy a new fdd for 20.00. It looks good. The mod is where your comments should go people, not the suroundings. I love the idea of switching the led light.

People still mod Zip drives, why not a floppy still in use?

ERROR-CV06.02.2006 15:54
very easy

adamw21.11.2004 09:34
wow - it matches your case - NOT

splinter_cell09.08.2004 17:58
i actually use the floppy drive, its the only thing my teachers accept papers and reports on. we dont use paper.

Darth Bender02.08.2004 21:10
I've seen a lot of ridiculous posts here and I can tell you that I don't use a floppy drive myself either... but some people really NEED those things

aremclaime30.07.2004 22:46
wow,its a floppy drive, mod something useful next time, like a cat or someting, yea id give it a 5, out of like a zillion

Josif28.07.2004 21:36
Not nice.... not at all. 1/5

splinter_cell28.07.2004 21:32
almost all, which ones dont, and why not provide us with a username at least. poser. i think this one came out well.

and i got a one because i have a floppy drive, i dont understand what that has to do with anything??

HartZa28.07.2004 18:50
Who uses FDDs anymore!?
I had FDD in my computer last time in 1999!
Your wasting your time :P

*anonymous*28.07.2004 18:31
splinter_cell almost all of your mods suX

splinter_cell26.07.2004 07:08
*sigh* yes the case i gonna be black, blue is way too overdone. granted it was a simple mod, but that doesnt mean it merits a 1 and being called fugly cause its 1 part of an ongoing project.

zarbon78926.07.2004 06:03
Paint the case black, and use a blue LED


Bugi26.07.2004 00:26
Well it looks good, but now if you want that your computer look good, you have to paint case too...
3/5 for good paint job

Darth Bender25.07.2004 22:47
if you're planning to paint your case black it's okay

*anonymous*25.07.2004 22:20
Wery ugly on that white case 1/5!