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Added: 29.07.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Dredge
Country: Finland

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I've seen some spindle mods here before, but here's another way to use that wonderful cylinder of innovations.

Just made a hole on the side, taped the transparent "cd" to the top of the stick and rolled 25 meters of cat5 around it. You could propably fit 30m inside too. Wonderful for LANs because I can always roll the right amount of wire out and leave the rest neatly inside the can. 1m of the other end comes out from the bottom.

Please don't tell me how ugly it is ;)

Admin's comments/notes:
I like the idea very much. :)

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Rating: 3.28 - Votes: 60

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*anonymous*22.05.2008 02:47
Love the concept, but in terms of executing the idea, I think you f'd up royally.


asd01.06.2007 21:55
En ees tienny että noita on noin isoja :)

phnx04.08.2006 23:43
For the love of god.....

DUCT TAPE!!!! There's a T there, not a K. DucT. T. Duct, as in heating and cooling ducTwork.

::goes to chew on the business end of a .45, and finds the he likes the taste of gunpowder more and more every day::

*anonymous*15.04.2006 12:20
i swear that would slow it down a ton, but Im probably wrong. So ghetto, I love it.
Cheap and does what it is supposed to.

j18716.03.2006 02:24
well yea its ugly but who gives a shit? its a great idea.

some more ideas:
function: take 12v off one of your molexes, put a 12v motor in the bottom of the spindle, press a button and it winds itself up!

yes, get rid of duct tape.
if the white cable is 'uv reactive' stick a couple of uv leds in there
if you have an old blender or food processor, take the 'blade' out and stick it to the top of the spindle (with motor in) dangerous and cool-looking. what more could you ask for? unlikely sabotage at LAN parties.

Dr.Wankenstein02.02.2006 13:08
Must say that it looks a lot like McGuivers handy-work!! Lots of duct-tape and plastic cut with a Victorinox pocket knife... I give it 6/5 because of the McGuiver look.
Now all you need to do is make it explode xD

CardentheCorrupt26.05.2005 22:17
"umm... u would think u would do this to make the wire look better...
u failed"
Failed? He's got the solution to easy cable management. If anyone has failed, it's Muffinman for failing at life in general ;[

Unliving11.12.2004 00:06
Magnum : 1 meter equals like 3 ft so 25 meters = 75 ft so my guess it should mather.
Some sugestions: wrap the cable around some axis and poke both sidez of the spindle and insertit in the spindle and add a wheel or something to grip the axis so you could wind it back

ryansc10.12.2004 23:39
Hey dont these come with new Hp computers????

petflunky04.10.2004 01:49
Good idea. How about cleaning it up a bt, and putting lights in it?

The Muffin Man26.09.2004 17:50
umm... u would think u would do this to make the wire look better...
u failed

JaKe06.08.2004 19:00

Magnum03.08.2004 21:15
It would depend how much is in it. I say within 50ft. it souldn't matter at all.

brianwa02.08.2004 23:01
Nice job, it doesn't need to look nice as long as its useful. One question... Doesn't wrapping cat5 in a coil make it act as an inductor and slow the connection, or is the effect too little to notice?

tnr02.08.2004 08:14
Oh please, who cares if its fugly!
It's innovative. I think you're all pissed off that you didn't think of using a spindle that way.


RadeX01.08.2004 13:42
it's UGLY hehe ;D

Bugi31.07.2004 20:41
But who care?
5/5 anyway!

Magnum31.07.2004 00:08
I just figured out what all that duck tape is doing in the second pic. Well it hold the top cd in place. What you could do I use something like a hot glue gun or something.


aremclaime30.07.2004 21:35
PAINT THE OUTSIDE!!!, then u dont see the inside 5/5

N530.07.2004 08:09
now that is innovation

Magnum29.07.2004 21:27
Not a bad idea, but could be made just a little bit better.

Like for the opening for the cable, why not just drill a hole in the middle on one side and on on the other. (Make one side fixed since it is most likely going to be near your pc.) Ya I say drilling holes then filing the edges of em' down a bit will make it look just a little bit better. Not to mention add your own personal touch to it. ;) Get rid of that wierd tape and pick up some bright orange duck tape. Then you are rocking if it is near your well-lit case.

Darth Bender29.07.2004 19:58
YES!! Fugly mods like that just shouldn't be transparent! ;D

_tv_29.07.2004 19:42
Just spräy it to the black, and its much better looking :P.

splinter_cell29.07.2004 18:10
maybe i didnt read the story well enough but how do you wind it back up after you have used it at a lan or something, just curious, and oh yeah its arse ugly. 3/5 for the idea.

TnT29.07.2004 16:21
Aika rähjäsen näkönen. Jos piiiikkasen tekisit sen hienommin, nii ois paremmat kommentitkin.

nice idea29.07.2004 13:09
bad toteutus :PP

Oogge29.07.2004 11:56
Good idea, easy to make, cheap. I think this is worth 4/4

-)Gizmo(-29.07.2004 11:38
could be cleaner -.-

Pythian29.07.2004 11:12
not a bad idea, but one thing, you shouldn't really put too many sharp bends in cat5 cabling, but top idea tho :) 3/5