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Added: 30.07.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: Sciatic
Country: Finland

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Muistikampa-avaimenperšt. Ei enempšš eikš všhempšš.

Two memorychip-keychains. Nothing more and nothing less.

Click the thumbnails for larger images.

Rating: 3.4 - Votes: 72

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*anonymous*13.01.2007 16:04

Victor Freeze15.10.2005 10:33
Lupaan sen että en tee ikkunaa... Ja tääkin on aika källi idea :)

zmodder18.07.2005 11:21
they still work? lmao jk

BoogeyMan13.03.2005 02:31
Nicely done, rounding the edges was a good idea. 5/5 cause those are the best ones ive seen so far

CoolkingZ26.01.2005 18:34
I made one my own, all my friends in my class call me a geek :)

Jason the Mason06.01.2005 05:50
Tip: a hacksaw (fine-toothed metal saw) is quite good for cutting circuit boards, and a metal file works admirably for taking corners off of things. I've done a few of these types of things with various dead parts - zipper pull from an old NIC, keychains from dead floppy/cdrom boards, etc. - and must say that they're quite useful, in addition to being cool and a fashion statement (if a somewhat geeky one). :^)

Sciatic01.01.2005 21:11
Harvat asiat ärsyttää mua yhtä paljon ku termi wanha. Mitä VIT*N väliä sillä on jos se on tehty jo ennen? pitäiskö vaa kattoo et ai prkl, joku on jo tehny ikkunan, sitä ei sitte voikaa tehä. ai, jollai (lue: kaikilla) on valot, ehkä en laita niitäkää.. mitä jää jäljelle? ei mitää. kasvakaa aikuisiks ja lopettakaa termin wanha käyttämine. kunno turhaa.

Only a few things annoy me as much as the term old. Why the FU*K should it matter that it has already been done? Should i just not do a window, or should i not put lighting in my case just because someone (everyone) already did it? What's left? nothing. Grow up and stop using the term old all the time. It makes no sense.

But thanks VeGe- ;)

VeGe-17.10.2004 22:11
Hieno modi. Teenkin ittelle samanlaisen heti. Ja kaverin muistista tietenkin. Toisen puolen voin antaa sille sitten lahjaksi :P

js20.09.2004 00:51
todella wanha......kohta reilun vuoden ollu itellä tommonen

Lego Monster14.09.2004 12:37
Old "mod" but it is always worth some points. =) I made similar few years ago. I also sharpened one edge so I can cut tape and open packages (need that feature at my job). Too bad those chips fall off in time.

Sciatic27.08.2004 17:48
Thank you very much for the good comments... makes me really happy :) other keychain's been in daily use since that date ;) maybe I'll give the other one to some friend or something. thanks again. :)

troy26.08.2004 15:29
one of the best ideas i ve ever seen

Gigamike13.08.2004 20:11
yepp, good idea to cut off a part of the ram. i had such a keyring mod too but the "ram riegel" was quite too long...

Bugi31.07.2004 20:43
Very cool!

brandonamp31.07.2004 16:01
The rounded edges are nice, i bet they don't put holes in your pockets

TnT31.07.2004 10:38
Noi on kyll tosi makeet. Tosi hienosti tehty.

N531.07.2004 03:09
better than most i've seen. the bottom one is well done.

PenPen31.07.2004 02:11
heh, i have lots of those, you gotta love em :)

Oogge30.07.2004 23:24
WANHA! Ei ole edes äänestämisen arvoinen... ei pisteitä meikäläiseltä.

aremclaime30.07.2004 22:23
nice always wanted to do that 4/5