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Added: 01.08.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: jussi2888
Country: Finland

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Okey. This is a radio.

I made the radio at schoold electric and technic lessons and the case i made at home.

First of all: radio works really fine! :D
- there are plex at front and back
- 2 speakers (3W)
- 2 batteries (9V)
- 4 leds (red)
- case is painted with metallic black spray
- upper adjusting knob is the channel finder
- bottom adjusting knob is volume and ON/OFF

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 53

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michael21.05.2005 08:06
hey man thats so sweet.Ya think you can send me ow to do this?

ferhat04.12.2004 23:36
can you send me shematic?

hugh jass14.11.2004 00:41
no offence, but it looks a bit chincy. besides that, is coo'. 3/5

Oogge02.08.2004 12:38
No voi helv... nyt alkaa jo mennä vähän turhan amismaiseksi. -5 pistettä amistelusta.

nourvan02.08.2004 09:25
dang. I love anything that has to do with radios. I love modding. And now, I love you. 5/5

N502.08.2004 05:25
wow that case is really nice. the case i made for my projects the teacher said violated the schools weapon policy (it had spikey teeth) but that looks really sweet. the second pic with the light comming from an angle makes it look really professional. 5

Nick02.08.2004 04:12
looks good, but i'd like to see the mod more presentable during the day hours also rather then only looking great at night. i would also like to see some subwoofers included in the box as well, that would be great!!

KLaZaA01.08.2004 22:34
Itte oisin ehkä laittanu tummennetun etupaneelin tai sellasen jossa ois ehkä jotain kuvioo... Läpinäkyvän kuitenki ledejä ajatellen. Muuten ihan makee

splinter_cell01.08.2004 19:24
nice now make grilles for the speakers and find an 18 volt transformer, so its not always on ther battery,

Bugi01.08.2004 15:21
I love electronics!
Great work!

TnT01.08.2004 14:06
Aika surkeen näkönen, mut toimiiks se edes? Iha hyvi kumminkin tehty.

wuaij01.08.2004 13:48
Very impressive. Add like 10 more leds. :D