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Added: 02.08.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: TnT
Country: Finland
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OK, this is my first mod, not very complicated and very easy. A plastic pistol with a blue light. The picture isn“t the best, because the pistol is so small...

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Rating: 3.39 - Votes: 87

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zmodder18.07.2005 11:20
wth? there is no use for it... this is acrappy mod srry...

TnT06.08.2004 16:26
Ok, I know, the picture is very bad, but itĀ“s so small, that you canĀ“t get a good picture from it. And, well, I gave to this mod 3/5, but I donĀ“t think that itĀ“s the best mod.

Mg06.08.2004 16:22
This mod su*** and the pic su***. 1/5

TnT03.08.2004 20:07
One thing, it has a light inside. I just change the light from a red to a blue, because the red didnĀ“t have enough light that the whole pistol would be seen.

jZ03.08.2004 16:48
By knowing u personally could say it really is a joke indeed. Saying that there's a light in the pistol is kinda distracting because this is only a picture of a pistol in an ambient blue light, NOT WITH A LIGHT INSIDE THE PISTOL! 2/5

TnT03.08.2004 13:50
Well, try to take a good picture of a 6*4 cm pistol. Try to do one yourself, if you think you could do a better one.

Oogge02.08.2004 18:26
The picture isn't the best, because you don't know how to take pictures, your camera sucks, there's not enough light, you suck and... umm... yeah, that's it. Not cool.