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Added: 13.08.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Gigamike
Country: Germany

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I got bored of my old He-Man New-Adventures Powersword so I ripped off the handle (has been used as battery case) and provided it with electronics which turns it into a device that is able to make light hearable when you level it at any light source.

Check my website for further informations and sound-files having been created with that extraordinary gadget.

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Rating: 3.33 - Votes: 45

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j18716.03.2006 02:15
that is cool. thoroughly useless but nevertheless cool!

i do, however, wish to convey my dismay at you destroying a he man sword! if anybody is thinking of doing the same with a 'thundercats' sword, post here and i will fund the mod in exchange for the sword. hell, i'll even build it for you myself......

Gigamike23.10.2004 22:26
visit my website and hear the samples.

tweaq03.10.2004 12:58
thats cool, i think, btw what does light sound like.

and really: "any" price, i still have mine. it kicks ass!!

Gigamike05.09.2004 18:33
yes, totally right. the so called "Lichthörgerät" could be a useful helper for blind people!

VampNslayer31.08.2004 13:37
Is this so blind people know they left the light on so they don't run up there electric bill ?

pdaoust27.08.2004 04:55
that is insanely cool. Hearable light. Such beauty! I think everyone else is a bunch of electronic-philistines!

aaahh17.08.2004 23:06
you idiot ! you crushed an original he-man sword ...
a collector would pay every price.
and what for ? to make light hearable ! you FOOL !

*anonymous*16.08.2004 01:27
make light hearable..................

_tv_15.08.2004 19:58
Weird, I say.

Scott1427714.08.2004 22:15
Ummmm.... Ok