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Added: 14.08.2004
Non-computer related, jokes etc.
Owner: _tv_
Country: Finland

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Ok. Well, this is my own "design" lamp. CCFL neon light+ab.10 CD:s+12v = CDNeonLight^^.. Pretty simple but it's very nice in my opinion. Next step is replace those CD:s with some "fake" CD:s, you know, those which are found in bulk CD boxes in top and bottom...

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Rating: 3.23 - Votes: 30

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Mewcurano16.10.2004 06:11
Nice. Try putting it on your computer case. 4/5

Oogge22.08.2004 23:39
Maybe the most lamest thing ever. Sorry, 1 point.

*anonymous*16.08.2004 01:40
you should measure next time it doesnt look even

_tv_15.08.2004 12:49
I tryed it whit a about 20 CDs, but it's better whit these.
And its very bright, in dark it lights whole room.

splinter_cell15.08.2004 07:08
can you say nightlight? 1/5 causi its not really a mod, just a ccfl with cds around it. looks cool tho.

Bugi14.08.2004 22:48
Very simple, and it would look better if you put much more cd's

Aromus14.08.2004 22:01
was kinda wondering WTF is that..not very good...thou..but hey everything that is invented different is not much ill give ya a 3/5 for a good start