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Added: 16.08.2004
Single case mods
Owner: VilRean
Country: Belgium

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on the one side of my case cums plexi
i have no hardware too put in my case I have no money

Sorry for my inglish o_O

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Rating: 3.3 - Votes: 43

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Bugi20.08.2004 21:09
Well make a bigger case

bockie18.08.2004 09:31
hehe ; die belgjes altijd!!! But dont getting the meaning of this project :x

Aromus17.08.2004 00:21
what u mean the HDD is big...dont u have a ATX mobo. thats called doin something without thinkin
it happens to me alot...u can say im the lord at
good job thou...anything different is PERFECT..i would like to see it when its done Completely...with everything in it

VIlRean16.08.2004 19:25
i have hardware but the motherboard is to big

sasseli16.08.2004 17:44
why you did a case if you dont´t have any money to put hardware inside?

jZ16.08.2004 11:47
Hope you'll get some money cos that look nice. 4/5