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Added: 19.08.2004
Other computer HW
Owner: Gigamike
Country: Germany

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This is my magnificent joystick-mod.
I opened both case and handle, on the one hand for getting acess to the 4 buttons, and on the other hand for connecting 3,5mm stereo jacks to the circuit board. i also got acess to the X/Y potentiometer - the 2 red switches deactivate the inner potis, for external use.

the first thing I plugged on this modded joystic was this pedal from a dictating-machine. played one round NFSU with it - seems like it works fine.

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Rating: 3.17 - Votes: 18

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Gigamike22.08.2004 18:08
Not leaded, i meant "led" (lead, led, led - hehe)
leaded would mean "verbleit" in German.

Gigamike22.08.2004 18:07
yes, basically i soldered wires at the 4 joystick buttons and leaded them outside the case, where additional devices like pedals can be plugged in. X- and Y axis are also available at a third stereo-jack.

splinter_cell20.08.2004 19:37
so you just basicly just changes someof the buttons on the joystic into a foot pedal?? is taht right?

Gigamike20.08.2004 19:08
sorry bugi, had no other choice to do the wiring.
took me quite enough work to screw up the handle, that was more than tricky.

Bugi19.08.2004 22:35
Very good but can you be little more acuratly?
Wires everywhere!!!!!!!!!