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Added: 23.08.2004
Full Case
Owner: Dave
Country: USA

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The Cammer V8 PC
P4 1.6 Gigahorses,512ram 400fsbuss/dvd-16x dvd-rom bdv cdrom,samsung cd-r/rw sw-216b,elby dvd-rom scsi cdrom device,standard floppy,3d surround sound equalizer,nvdia graphics card,two hd coolers for c&d drives,two cd storage cases,two sets of coolmaster gauges,550 antec power supply,4 80mm case fans,2 120mm front case fans...guess its time to upgrade ha! PS..There are a couple of short video clips on my website (DAVEINCI.COM) if you care to take a look! Thanks!

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Rating: 3.79 - Votes: 2473

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Skynet25.12.2008 23:03
Totally awesome...if you have really done this by yourself...But just...Awesome.

Btw. red lights would be better imo.

Zalman10.12.2007 13:20
This remains one of the finest mods I have seen. Great work!

F_L14.06.2007 12:39
WICKED!!! Fantastic job!! Way to go V8!

k00pa17.04.2007 18:10
OMG! Thats is very HOT!

gear head11.10.2006 18:50
very cool. I've seen that in a car magazine.

????????14.09.2006 16:29
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool v8 10/5

Tomba02.08.2006 13:57
Have to give 5/5 points because i have V8 engine in my car.
Nice mod and personal.

Saxon07.07.2006 22:12
Funny how all you losers have a "better idea"... heck of a lot of work goes from putting your 1/2 ass ideas into a real working project.

Jay20.06.2006 14:01
If I pay you can you make me one, my budget is £3000

red baron15.06.2006 21:47
holy cow !!!!dat thing is could u even think of such a design..10/10

-CellDweller-15.06.2006 21:44
friggin cool 5/5

Fluffy06.05.2006 02:49
Still one of the coolest around!

hmm24.04.2006 16:04
Too bad you didn't make this.

*anonymous*15.04.2006 00:52
Haha lol, this is f*cking awesome :D 5/5

Esawesakesń03.04.2006 19:57
ZomG! That is nice :) 5/5

VDBSYS21.03.2006 06:51
Pure art

qwerty1510.03.2006 00:44
This is not good. This is completely shit. But it's only my opinion...

kater27.02.2006 21:31
one goddamn powerful rig, vroom, man, kudos for that one!

Rolly23.02.2006 03:03
I hope you still remember what the outside of your house looks like... Dude... do some normal things like take out the garbage... Go to the movies... hell even think about having sex!!

Nice case though...

Adrian S23.02.2006 02:55
You are quite possibly the biggest nerd ever... Your imaginary girlfriend would be angry about the time spent obsessing over this... See you at the next Star Trek Convention Spock...

anymous13.02.2006 15:54


unmodded12.02.2006 01:47
OMFG! That is the coolest freakin thing Ive ever seen!!!

Kevorkian11.02.2006 21:51
For me, thats the best. 5/5

Rollerblader07.02.2006 23:08
I wonder how your car engine looks like...

*anonymous*07.02.2006 20:45
you win! 6/5

*anonymous*06.02.2006 00:21
i think i just had an aneurysm! That is absolutely incredible! you should put a computer in each side and make it into a cluster! That is freakin sweet! i want one! you are a master of modding!

B0d0M24.01.2006 14:44
i think i┬┤m in love :P f***ing nice!!

*anonymous*21.01.2006 13:26
awesome :P is that heavy? :S

ddfg08.01.2006 22:13
cool!!!! :)

Mikrosofti11.10.2005 14:53
This is A.W.S.O.M.E! 5/5

How you build this? :D

huj01.10.2005 18:30
lollllllllllllllll is wow :D:D:D:D

Skrot Nisse17.09.2005 15:16
hot hot hot HOT!! :D

*anonymous*07.09.2005 19:52
uuuu nice W8 :D

thorntonator21.07.2005 21:59
i saw that mod in a pc magazine, it made front cove, friggen amazing man, kudos. 10/5

*anonymous*20.07.2005 18:17
This is maybe the Nicest Mod I have Ever seen... 5/5

Mod_box26.06.2005 03:57
BLOODY all I can say!

crescent15.06.2005 09:57
i can only say it's nothing short of the most muscular and well-done casing mod i've ever seen. only it's huge, looks every heavy and expensive. but still, it's freakin' beautiful.

tazmanxx08.06.2005 04:13
You guys are nutts great looking and good job

ZERO03.06.2005 01:48
it's ok but you need to stealth your drive bays that would make it look a lot nicer

SIMBA01.06.2005 10:05

mini me07.05.2005 15:16
A-W-S-O-M-E !

Vic07.05.2005 11:09
Damn this is hot!!!
Quotation : "It's THE Case, man"
Yeah that's what I'm talking about!!

Dave06.04.2005 11:22
Sorry i haven't made this mod. It comes from another company named Blackshadowcasemods

Krueger05.03.2005 19:15
That case is wonderful if i had some more money i would create something like that...

Definetly best case in this gallery!!!

Lovejoy┤s Antique19.02.2005 08:02
how mutch that realy cost? it think hell of a lot, but cool

Zanitti12.02.2005 18:40
Man, this is really AwEsOmE!! This is not a case, It's THE Case, man!!!

coyo12.02.2005 14:03
this is realy incredible

Patata12.02.2005 12:32
Dude C-O-O-L how much that cost 2 you?

ssbmfreak03.02.2005 17:02
wow...I can┬┤t find any words for this!!!!!

HoLoDreaM02.02.2005 03:54
too bad its not even his

kurt20.01.2005 04:35
dude that was in a PC magazine. did u scan that pic from it?

dave_beerman18.12.2004 13:32


6/5 (if i could)

tero18.12.2004 00:35

DPR08.12.2004 04:54
If i had a computer this would be it.

*anonymous*05.12.2004 23:07
poor u, that is not your cpu ;

Satelite03.12.2004 09:39
Maybe my cousin like this mod, he has one v8 car.

**anden**02.12.2004 17:41
too bad u steal others pictures on the web... :(

lappius26.11.2004 18:01

Suomi24.11.2004 08:43
Thats wery cool!!!!

DarkRaver23.11.2004 09:48
No words for this one... 5/5

AdamW21.11.2004 21:44
ebay for all you mericans

WOW!20.11.2004 10:58
imagine what you could get for that on trade me! absolutely f*ing fantastic!!! adam out

hevisti19.11.2004 16:30
wow. impressive... :O

Mjolnir18.11.2004 21:46
Teh shiz! Can I vote 6/5? Please?
Great idea, a TON of work into that, the effort paid off amigo. Only one tiny complaint from me, is, I want to see the insides! But, I've taken an engine apart, it's a pain, so I don't blame you. ;)

jakke16.11.2004 09:21
omg r0x0r

rostym0n08.11.2004 19:40
onX tos niiNQ j├Ą├ĄKaaPp1 !!??!!11

b00red29.10.2004 22:03
Sick.In the good way. ;) Best idea ever possibly.

knoppix killer?25.10.2004 08:08
dude it is sweat good jog :)
ps,is it a chevy,mopar or ford lol

Shakal^23.10.2004 16:48
OMFG that is so awesome! good work damn┬┤it.

zenadix21.10.2004 09:27
Cooooooooooolllllllll :D

XtremeFX 129518.10.2004 11:39
Jeez... Now THAT's a mod... Can't say anything coherent... 5/5

Zombie(FIN)14.10.2004 12:35
Great job. Very nice. Best I've seen.

TETRIS13.10.2004 14:58
w00w! That cool :D

a11.10.2004 13:59
Hi dude

Pukka08.10.2004 15:08
Sweet Design Dude!.......5/5

Sea Shadow04.10.2004 07:40
What did you do with that $1,500 gift certificate to new egg that you won? And for all the fools who dont think he did this on his own. His creation got featured in CPU in August. Awesome job, just upgrade that sucker and make it fly!!

CUBE01.10.2004 06:57
1337. That thing is nice. try putting it in a car.

MaggotsPulse31630.09.2004 18:07
He had major help show us (in progress) photos maybe ill believe you did it on your own untill then put your peice down youll get peaced out.

Foo29.09.2004 09:35
Stupid mod.

Saatana26.09.2004 18:51
OMG That's so cool

gran325.09.2004 21:18

jack25.09.2004 01:47
F**k, you stole my idea from my head, I thought that I should make a case with the V-8 or V-6 theme, but the lack of inspiration got me and the lack of money and other resources, like time. :)
But hey, good work, the best mod I've ever seen, and one of the main reasons is that what I just told. :)

Scope22.09.2004 14:17
Man, you are cool!!!

Tk21.09.2004 19:21
OMG!!! That is so cool..!!

ionic17.09.2004 09:58
OMG! That is just awesome! 5 points..

Zeonline17.09.2004 04:41
Excuse me, I seem to have dropped my jaw...

grz05.09.2004 16:07
simply awesome. That thing's got a hemi? ;)

ballemann04.09.2004 17:08
nice work, funny idea.. 5/5

dj eye con04.09.2004 14:07
no doubt.. beautiful 5/5

Striker03.09.2004 06:11
Dude that's one sweet rig, 5/5 in every area. I wonder if it'll fit in a vehicle.....

slapomatic03.09.2004 01:40
waste of time....


mqr301.09.2004 10:29
oo my god!!!!! that was the coolest thing i have ever seen!!!

Interceptor30.08.2004 21:20
Wooo!! Great work man. V8 4 lifw :P

Tero_M30.08.2004 17:26
Dude You Rock!

Buzku28.08.2004 16:34
Oh Shit! That must be greatest thing in whole modgallery.

Samson1andOnly28.08.2004 07:33
Absolutely awesome. I saw it in the magazines. Love it!

ColtWanger!!!28.08.2004 00:18
Man, engines suck, yo! 1/5.

Sciatic27.08.2004 17:53
O-M-G! this is probably one of the coolest things i've ever seen :)

Joker[MouseMOD]27.08.2004 06:55
10/5 veryyyyyy original

Boh26.08.2004 23:14
Yes, it is a cool casemod, but what is it with the premodded cases?? Why not make the "engine" mor real by not using chassis? And it is verry big. 3/5

Heatsink Burns26.08.2004 06:06
HOLY F*CK! Diesel or unleaded? Seriously though, if I gave you anything less than a 5, then I could never look at myself in the mirror again. Betcha that thing really drains the battery... :-)
Heatsink Burns

Korova26.08.2004 00:57
5/5 for creativity, but looks 1/5 (soz but it looks like a cheap plastic toy), and its a bit big for a desk and the angle of the two cases would really piss me off so overall 2/5 soz mate

Markyrw25.08.2004 01:38
Please dont delete my correction but I realise now that 'Technicalm' is not a word I ment of course technical. Ooops

Markyrw25.08.2004 01:34
Wow thats the best piece of work I have ever seen. I was going to submit my case but I wouldnt want to embaress myself coming after that monster :) . That is some job I wish I had your technicalm expertise mate.

Pantotheenzuur24.08.2004 20:32

drinn24.08.2004 17:28
Jesus.. This is an amazing project! 5/5 gj :)

Ratman24.08.2004 14:01
This is sick man!!!! the most amazing machine i have ever seen, it rocksss i would give u 10

seanO24.08.2004 13:52
tell us then HMMMMMM???....


joe24.08.2004 06:33
To bad you didnt make it
I know the guy who did

Digitarte24.08.2004 05:24
It's the most amazing MACHINE I ever saw...
Put an Intel Pentium 4 E 3,2 Gigahorses FSB800 tray Extreme 2Mb and Geil DDR PC4200 Dual Channel Ultra Platinum 4 x 512Mb on a MSI Intel 875P Neo-FISR 800 and a beautifull MSI GeForce FX5950-8X Ultra 256Mb DDR
That motor will take on fire throught the carburators...

Aromus23.08.2004 23:28
ive seen ur modd on job

AzsaZ23.08.2004 23:20
Yes...finally, I'm Back...

Holy Shit, wtf is this for a mod man.
I've seen a lot of mods, but this is the best mod I've ever seen.
Men.....I've got no words for this.......
This is a big 10 from me, realy nice job dude!
Keep on the good work!

disi23.08.2004 19:34
I would have used real engine parts though, that "carb" looks a bit silly. Nevertheless, excellent mod 4/5.

:D23.08.2004 19:31
OMFG 5poeng

riku23.08.2004 17:14
madness :) 5/5

splinter_cell23.08.2004 16:09
saw this on but its still just as cool. 5/5

Dogleg23.08.2004 14:18
Cool. I like the Vids on the webby.

CrazyPLex23.08.2004 13:09
Have you insured this thing?? Awesome 7/5

seanO23.08.2004 13:08
@ nado, it was on gruntville...

pretty slick mate,love the idea of the crate motor lol great attention to the details. is that another cdrom drive in the blower? haha...the musketeer would of looked better in there tho' 5/5...

*anonymous*23.08.2004 13:06
:o 5/5

Series^23.08.2004 11:26
yo man that is sick, keep up the good work, maybe install a 2nd system on the other case..

Bugi23.08.2004 11:12
You are genius man!
W I can not do something like that?
Arrrrrrgh Fu*king awsome!

TLG23.08.2004 10:46

No need to say more! 5/5

NEO23.08.2004 10:13
AMAZING!!! I've never seen anything like that! 5/5

Nado23.08.2004 09:52
excellent job, seen this somewhere before, dunno if it was yours. 4/5 because you used premodded cases.