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Added: 24.08.2004
Other hardware/devices
Owner: Territorial_pissing
Country: Finland

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Led lamp. When human mind get bored! Something like this appeared.

Admin's comments/notes:
Too bad that the clock itself isn't visible in dark. :)

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Rating: 3.35 - Votes: 65

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Riddick21.12.2004 10:52
nice work, Fin. :D

Territorial_pissing08.10.2004 10:55
I reverse the polarizing film. It looks pretty cool.

Mr. Muffin29.09.2004 23:40
how do u reverse that film anyway

jharsh29.08.2004 10:24
reverse the polarizing film to make the number light and the background black. Then light it with a red led to get red numbers. 4/5 (mod the lcd and it could be a 5/5)

Bugi25.08.2004 23:02
Yea cool but light up clock too!

conveyer25.08.2004 08:39
biohazard does indeed rock

Aromus24.08.2004 23:27
BIOhazard.....they ROCK

TyzoKu24.08.2004 22:19
Nice work.5/5

Nado24.08.2004 21:31
well done, could you tell me how you did this? which bit did you use?