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Added: 29.08.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Bugi
Country: Yugoslavia

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On my case there was pretty ugly power and reset button. There were non trasparent buttons, and colour of these buttons was ugly too. I made same buttons, but I used plexi, drilled holes and put 2 blue leds for powr button and one, much brighter red led for reset button. It's shining perfectly!

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Rating: 3.21 - Votes: 71

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anas27.01.2005 15:59
I have that thing!

fearless30.09.2004 19:59
yes it looks very fantastic...from what material have you made thous butons? :]

boh30.08.2004 22:35
I really like that. Nice button-job. (new word? never heard "button-job" before)

*anonymous*30.08.2004 20:00
Coool but unfortunatelly I don't have skills t made one :(

Bugi30.08.2004 19:57
I got power from molex.

jZ30.08.2004 12:12
It's nice to know that some1 has the eye for details. Still paint wouldn't hurt.What did u use for power supply? 4/5

seanO30.08.2004 09:57
Great!..nicce n do the power and hdd leds to match

splinter_cell30.08.2004 02:39
thas purty [/drunk]

now you just need to paint the case.

towar30.08.2004 02:08
nice job bugi,how did you melt plexe,jel u pecnici

Nado30.08.2004 00:33
excellent. nothing more to say.

Gigamike29.08.2004 22:24
my buttons look as ugly as yours did before ur mod!

Topher Phyre29.08.2004 20:45
Very clean. I had the same case and that is a big improvement.