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Added: 02.09.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Kiriller
Country: Canada

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4 Leds in paralel powered by 12v molex. with my logo on the grill. dont be to hard on me :) 2nd mod :P

Admin's comments/notes:
I like it but I hope you are using it purely for good looks. The design is very restrictive to air flow...

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Rating: 3.38 - Votes: 39

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rimppis25.09.2004 10:09
Very nice logo. :D

pach25.09.2004 09:07
i think is coll man... and abount the problem of the air flow, i thik you could make lines across your logo so the air colud pass better. nice job

*anonymous*03.09.2004 21:10
Inovative 4/5 due to airflow

Darth Bender03.09.2004 14:45
it's nice... but as the others say: it blocks the airflow... and it increases noise as well 3/5

Bugi03.09.2004 00:02
Well this is something new and I like it!
But I agree with others too about airflow.

submission02.09.2004 23:45
Yes i agree, it really needs work on the air flow. But otherwise, nice job on the leds. Very bright =)

Aromus02.09.2004 23:02
not that bad

Kiriller02.09.2004 22:55
Yes i thought about the air flow, i might cut out lines across not touching the logo, but as far as i can touch it air is flowing pretty good.