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Added: 04.09.2004
Single case mods
Owner: Dredge
Country: Finland

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Modified the HDD activity led a little ;). I think I will try to change it to a volume meter in the future, but for now it serves as a hdd activity meter. Then I will also cover the whole thing with a plate+plexi. Anyway, 1 superbright led paraller with the meter with a random resistor that seems to work like it should (the meter doesnt go over the chart). The led is also the only backlight it has, so when there's no activity, its completely dark. With minor activity the meter lights up but the needle moves to the beginning of the red area. With heavy activity like copying from one hdd to another, the back is lit brightly and the needle bounces all the way to the end.

I told you it's not finished, I havent decided yet wheter it will remain a hdd led or a vu meter.

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dcmodder01.10.2004 05:58
i think that i'm finally done modding my dc so yea i think i'm done. (with my dreamcast n e ways ;-)) 4/5

VampNslayer05.09.2004 16:40
Is any of us really ever finished modding ?

splinter_cell04.09.2004 16:22
finished or not, i like the idea. however i would likght from another source.

1 to prevent pulling too much current through the mobo headers

2 cause it would look cooler.


Bugi04.09.2004 13:39
VU-metter on comuter...
My mod!
5/5 for very nice VU-metters